Monday, March 9, 2015

MC Republican Meeting 3/17/15

I received a message this morning that the vote will be March 11th on SB 63. Please tell friends and family in your district to also contact their senator about this issue.

March 17th, Macon County Republican Meeting

Tuesday March 17th
7:00 pm
Diner 54, Macon
Guest Speaker 
Duane Lester 
from The Missouri Torch
will be speaking about the left’s big money move on the Missouri political scene.
To be informed ahead of time watch
For questions or more information please call:
Macon County Republicans 

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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Call to Action: Senate Bill 63

Here we go again! 

The 75% vote for Amendment 9 last August was a clear statement by Missourians that they want their personal information to be protected.
It doesn't look like the Missouri Senate Transportation, Infrastructure, and Public Safety Committee got the message, since they are about to give the first round of approval to Senate Bill 63, which sets up a government database to store the personal information of all people who buy certain prescription drugs.  Once this committee votes "Do Pass,” the bill will go on to the full Senate for their approval.

I have no idea why or how this bill got as far as it has! Why in the world would we trust the state government with ANY of our personal information after the Department of Revenue illegally released the personal data of 163,000 conceal carry permit holders. Oops…  

They are promising that Missouri's Prescription Drug Monitoring Database bill will not permit the release of "personally identifiable data,” but other states made that same promise at first, too, and are now in the process of reneging on that promise. Surprise!! (not)

Look at the way our personal information is being misused now. Not to mention all the “hacking” incidents that happen to data bases. What’s not to trust….

Senator Brian Munzlinger  sits on this committee, he needs to hear from you to vote this bad bill down early in the process. The date isn’t set for certain yet but as early as March 11 the committee will be voting.  Unfortunately, it looks like nearly the entire committee supports SB 63 at this time.   

PLEASE call or email Senator Munzlinger and ask him to represent you with a NO vote.

1) Ask how he intends to vote on SB63, the Prescription Drug Monitoring Database bill in committee.  
2) Let him know that you stand with the 75% who voted to protect personal data last August 5th.

Senator Brian Munzlinger
(573) 751-7985

Transportation, Infrastructure, and Public Safety Committee
With no set date on the vote we need to communicate with our Senator as quickly as possible. Please write or call first thing this week.


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Saturday, January 17, 2015

American Sniper Review

What a movie experience!  We went to see it yesterday on opening day and weren't disappointed with any part of it from a movie viewpoint.   I read the book, as a matter of fact I was about 2/3 through the book when Chris Kyle was killed, and it made finishing the book very difficult for me.  The movie, albeit abbreviated, follows the book pretty much to the letter.

When it was announced that there would be a movie about Mr. Kyle, and the actor chosen to play him in the movie was Bradley Cooper, I was pretty apprehensive about that decision.  I associate Cooper with the Hangover movies, which is about 180 degrees from the story of a war hero such as Chris Kyle.  Rest assured that within 30 minutes of watching the movie, you no longer see Bradley Cooper. You see Chris Kyle.  The acting by Cooper is THAT good.  Amazingly good.

One of the other things I came away with from seeing this picture, is the absolute true dunghole that this place is where we sent our men and women to fight.  The conditions are horrible.  The people that are your enemy are savages, and discerning just who your friend is and who is your foe is a near impossibility. I can't say honestly that I would be able to restrain myself from just shooting everyone that appeared to be an enemy, after seeing this.

The depiction of what happens to men and women that are subjected to the horrors and tragedies of war is very well represented in this movie.  The battle scene that takes place on the roof... oh my Lord... total chaos, futility, heroism, life, death, love and hate. Incredibly captured by Clint Eastwood's direction.

When we went, we were sort of prepared to see another version of Lone Survivor (which I recommend if you haven't seen it).  It wasn't that at all.  It portrays Mr. Kyle honestly to a T, as a Patriot, as an American that loved his country. As a very humble human being that wanted to use his skills that were so over and above what the normal soldier possesses, to right the wrongs that landed us in that God forsaken war.

Another thing that hit us, and was mentioned by an acquaintance of ours... when the show was over, the silence and solemn leaving of the theater approached the feeling of leaving the funeral of a loved one.  Amazing experience.

~Jace & Sally Weber

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