Thursday, November 6, 2008

Stouffer to Lead Senate Republicans as Caucus Chair

Sen. Bill Stouffer, R-Napton, was today elected Majority Caucus Chairman of the Missouri Senate. Senate Republican caucus members elected Sen. Stouffer to the position, which will run over the next two years.

“I am appreciative of this opportunity and thank my colleagues for their trust in me,” said Sen. Stouffer. “There are a lot of challenges facing Missouri and I want to work with my colleagues to ensure we work for a government that is disciplined in its spending and forward-thinking in its policies.”

As Majority Caucus Chairman, Sen. Stouffer will lead majority caucus meetings and play an instrumental role in the coordination of legislative strategies to advance the agendas of the Senate members in his political party.

Senator Stouffer, a Saline County farmer, represents the counties of Carroll, Chariton, Cooper, Howard, Lafayette, Macon, Ray, and Saline. He also chairs the Senate’s Committee on Transportation and is the Vice Chairman of the Agriculture Committee. He recently won re-election to his post by receiving 64 percent of the vote and is known in the senate as a champion of constituent services in the nine counties he represents.

“We’ve worked really hard for the citizens in our area,” said Sen. Stouffer. “I’m looking forward to being a part of the next phase as we begin a new year with a new General Assembly.”

Senator Stouffer will officially begin his duties as Majority Caucus Chairman at the beginning of the legislative session in January. The First Regular Session of the 95th General Assembly will start on January 7, 2009, and will adjourn on May 15, 2009.

“Bill is a consistent leader for the people of Missouri on important issues ranging from transportation to the care of our seniors and disabled,” said presumptive Senate Leader Charlie Shields, R-St. Joseph. “His breadth of knowledge on the issues makes him the best person to lead and educate our caucus on the important issues emerging for Missourians.”
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Macon County - Solidly Republican

For those who know folks that think Macon County is a "Democrat County..." Republicans won 7 of 9 statewide elections AND picked up another courthouse seat this year. We now have three Republican commissioners in this county. Way to go Jon Dwiggins!

These are the same sweeping results that we've seen since the 2004 election. Our grassroots base is growing and its thanks to volunteers like you!

This type of trend will continue to put Macon on the map for our statewide candidates, too. "Targeted" counties are used in each election cycle to get out the vote for the conservative party. Macon could soon find itself on that list.

Shelby County's results were similar for statewide candidates. Adair County's were not as positive, as Nixon won there and Blaine and McCain barely pulled ahead. Linn Co. was a mixed bag, with locals dissapointed an excellent local independent commissioner did not knock off an incumbent.

Results from the state rep. race suprised many and shocked myself, as the power of the incumbency was underestimated. Its also important to note that although Rep. Tom Shively, D-Shelbyville has not done much as our elected official (i.e. never sponsoring a bill), he hasn't done much wrong, either.

Here's the specific results from Macon County. Those that won nation or state-wide, are noted with an "*:"

*McCain, +1802, 61.4% (GOP Win)

Hulshof, +1174, 57.2% (GOP Win)

*Kinder, +1658, 60.3% (GOP Win)

Hubbard, -1201, 40.5%

Lager, +1106, 56.5% (GOP Win)

*Luektemeyer, +668, 53.7% (GOP Win)

*Stouffer, +2442, 67.2% (GOP Win)

Austin, -97, 49.3%

*Sander, +185, 64.3% (GOP win)

Statewide, Kinder is now the only statewide elected official as the GOP lost the gubernatorial (Blunt) and treasurer (Steelman) posts. We maintain a 5-4 advantage in the congressional delegation, added 3 seats to the Missouri Senate for a 23-11 majority, and lost just 3 seats in the MO House for a 89-72 advantage.

I'll have more clarification and analysis on that race and others when I receive the precinct-by-precinct results.
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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

NRA Gives Austin "A;" Stations Pulling Shively's Lies

In an attempt to smear Mike Austin's good name, Tom Shively and his campaign are spreading lies about his record.

Shively's latest radio ads claim he is an "all star" candidate and that Mike Austin has "struck out" with a "D Rating" from the NRA. The gun rights group's website lists Austin's rating as an "A."

Shively fails to mention he has never sponsored a bill of his own and he supports a $1 billion tax increase.

"It is once again clear Tom Shively will do or say anything to get elected," said Austin. The Republican's campaign sent a letter to radio stations yesterday asking them to remove the ads in an attempt to maintain their integrity in providing accurate information to area voters.

Shively's add also erroneously reports Mike Austin receives donations from "big city lobbyists," when it is Shively who is almost fully-funded by union bosses and trial lawyers.

"I will not ruin my name or the integrity of my supporters by engaging in these types of lies," said Austin.

Today, Mike Austin continues to visit with voters while Shively is deciding whether or not to pull the remainder of his ads from stations who have not done so on their own.

"I'm asking my supporters to pray for strength and wisdom these last couple of weeks," said Austin.
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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Something Strange is Happening Here...

If you drive between Macon and Atlanta, you are going to see a lot of Austin signs. But... one new one might turn heads.

Macon Co. Assessor Jim Palmer, a retiring Democrat, has an Austin sign up at his Highway 63 property - the gun club.

The location has been traditionally reserved for Dems only since Palmer became an elected official. However, some say the addition of an Obama sign placed by local volunteers pushed Palmer over the edge.

Interestingly, Palmer also asked for a Tony Askew (R-Atlanta) for Assessor Sign. Sources say he and Democrat primary candidate Vanita Christy, who works alongside Palmer in the courthouse, are publicly supporting Askew's campaign as the "qualified" candidate.
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Thursday, September 25, 2008

HRCC: Shively Supports $1 Billon Tax Increase

This information was forwarded by the House Republican Campaign Committee (HRCC); feel free to send it on to friends and family as this is an important issue in the 2008 election.

In a recent political survey, politician Tom Shively openly suppported a plan to increase taxes on hard-working Missourians by over $1 Billion.

In 2006, the last time he weighed in on the subject, the estimated cost of the plan promoted by Missourians for Tax Justice was $960 million.

After explaining the plan, the question read, "Will you support a revision of our Individual Income Tax to make it more equitable and more productive." It references to a legislative package pushed forward by St. Louis liberals Sen. Joan Bray and Rep. Jeannette Mott-Oxford.

This isn't Shively's first nod towards more taxes at any cost. As a legislator, Shively voted against a plan to limit state spending. Shively also voted against barring judges from raising taxes without a vote of the people. He also opposed a phase out of the state's outdated franchise tax.

Because of his stances against business growth and for higher taxes, Shively received a 60% or failing grade from the National Federation of Independent Businesses.
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Macon Declared State Capital for a Day

MACON - As part of his ongoing effort to make state government more responsive and accessible for the people of Missouri, Gov. Matt Blunt today proclaimed the city of Macon as Missouri’s Capital for a Day, offering one-on-one and personalized access to state government.

“Capital for a Day makes state government more responsive and accessible to Missourians by bringing state government right to their doors,” Gov. Blunt said. “Capital for a Day is a great opportunity for Missourians to get up close with their state government, and for state officials to meet with Missouri families to hear their needs and concerns.”

Gov. Matt Blunt brought his cabinet and senior staff to Macon to assist with constituent services and meet with Missourians. While in Macon the governor is holding office hours at the Macon County Courthouse to visit with citizens and will make stops at various locations in the area. Cabinet officials and representatives from each department of state government are also on hand throughout the afternoon to answer questions and provide assistance.

Capital for a Day gives Missourians an opportunity for one-on-one, personalized government service in their hometown. Some of the state government’s highest officials including Gov. Blunt will be in the city, available to Missourians to answer questions, listen to ideas and visit about state services. State agencies will also hold office hours throughout the afternoon. By bringing state government directly to the people of Macon, local citizens will have even greater access to officials and agencies who can offer assistance.

While in Macon, the governor will discuss new economic development assistance for the city, tour a local manufacturing business, visit a drug court session and meet with students in a junior high chemistry class.

Macon is Gov. Blunt’s seventh and smallest Capital for a Day. On May 22, Gov. Blunt proclaimed Branson as Capital for a Day. On April 11 Gov. Blunt proclaimed St. Charles as Capital for a Day. On March 14 Gov. Blunt proclaimed Carthage as Capital for a Day; on February 1, the governor proclaimed Farmington as Capital for a Day; on December 5, the governor named Liberty as Capital for a Day; and on October 2, the governor named Sedalia as Missouri’s first Capital for a Day.
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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Local Campaign Coordinators Named

Macon Co. Republicans have named their campaign coordinators and contacts for the 2008 Election. For signs or other information about the campaigns, please contact the following individuals.

Donna Brem of Macon will direct efforts for McCain-Palin. Donna can be contacted at or (660) 395-1516.

Jeff Roberts of Macon is a county coordinator for Hulshof for Governor. Jeff can be reached at (660) 395-5873. Macon native Seth Rector is a paid field staffer for the Hulshof campaign and can be contacted at (573) 289-4104 or Rick Shoemaker is also assisting with local efforts.

Aaron Baker of Atlanta is leading efforts to re-elect Peter Kinder for Lt. Governor and to elect Sen. Brad Lager to Missouri Treasurer. Aaron can be reached at or (660) 281-7777

Nate Walker of Atlanta is spearheading the local campaign for Mike Gibbons for Attorney General. Nate can be reached at or (660) 346-0840. Phil Prewitt and Becky Lang, both of Macon, are also assisting in local efforts.

Jim Willis of Bevier is the contact for Blaine Luetkemeyer for Congress. Jim can be reached at or (660) 651-1144. Rick Shoemaker and Aaron Baker are also assisting.

Sen. Bill Stouffer of Saline County is seeking re-election. Sen. Stouffer can be contacted at or (660) 281-7777. Stouffer’s chief of staff is Macon County native Aaron Baker.

Mike Austin of Ethel is the candidate for State Representative in the 8th District, which includes Linn, Shelby, and most of Macon County. The Austin campaign has 27 community coordinators throughout the district. Voters may contact Mike directly at or (660) 486-3290.

Rep. Therese Sander of Moberly is the candidate for State Representative in District 22. This district includes the four southernmost townships in Macon Co. and all o f Chariton and Randolph. Rep. Sandner can be contacted at or (660) 263-7156.

Tony Askew for County Assessor can be contacted at or (660) 239-4405.

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Macon Co. Committee Members Announced

The Macon County Republican Central Committee met on Tuesday, August 19th at 7:00 P.M. in Macon. By state law, county political committees must reorganize every election year.

New officers elected were Jim Willis of Bevier, Chair, Kathy Austin of Ethel, Vice Chair, Aaron Baker of Atlanta, Secretary, and Jane Thompson of Macon, Treasurer.

Jim Willis opened the meeting. Willis, a delegate to this year’s national convention, was elected in 2006 to spearhead the party’s efforts in Macon County. That year, Macon County voters chose the Republican candidate in 5 out of 6 statewide races. Republicans also won the race for Presiding Commissioner with Alan Wyatt. In 2004, voters chose Republicans in 10 out of 11 statewide races.

The following members of the Macon County Republican Central Committee were announced:

  • Bevier Township: John and Jane Ann Stacy

  • Bevier City: Rick Shoemaker and Genia Ashenfelter

  • Callao Township: Paul and Linda Isaacson

  • Chariton Township: Tim and Brenda Remole of Excello

  • Drake Township: Matthew and Kristin Farwell of New Boston

  • Eagle Township: James and Brenda Morgan of Macon

  • Easley Township: Jason and Tina Belfield of South Gifford

  • Hudson Township: David and Phyllis Doctorian of Macon

  • Independence Township: Steve and Faith Christophel of Atlanta

  • Jackson Township: Gary and Linda Belt of Atlanta

  • Johnston Township : Gary and Donna Clarkson of La Plata

  • La Plata Township: Lee and Linda Moots

  • La Plata Ward 1: Danny and Becky Bunch

  • La Plata Ward 2: Tom and Kelly Marshall

  • Liberty Township: Jim Willis and Rowena Young of Bevier

  • Lingo Township: David and Doris James of New Cambria

  • Lyda Township: Nate Walker and Louise Gaughan of Atlanta

  • Macon Ward 1: Bonnie Morris and Jeff Roberts

  • Macon Ward 2: Bob Bickhaus and Sue Williams

  • Macon Ward 3: Jim and Marjorie Bolin

  • Macon Ward 4: 3 Don and Beth Dixon

  • Middle Fork Township: Patty Greenwood of Anabel and Dean Sandner of Excello.

  • Morrow Township: Louise Davis and John Yutz of Callao

  • Narrows Township: Bernard Huffman of Excello and Becky Lang of Macon

  • Richland Township: Vacant

  • Round Grove Township: Brent and Raena Foreman of Anabel

  • Russell Township: Derwood Harding of Ethel and Elna Williams of New Cambria

  • Ten Mile Township: Drew and Becky Belt

  • Valley Township: Kathy Austin and Ben Williams of Ethel

  • Walnut Creek Township: Greg and Janet Gunnels of Elmer

  • White Township: Sam and Robin Jones of Ethel

The committee will meet again following the November election to plan the annual Lincoln Dinner celebration and establish goals and expectations for the committee for the 2008 election cycle.

For more information, contact Jim Willis, Chair, at or (660) 651-1144.

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Macon Co. Republicans Debut New Webpage

Members of the Macon County Republican listserve organized by Aaron Baker,, will receive their updates as posted on the new Macon Co. GOP Blog at The messages will be as frequent as they have been in the past.
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Voters Question Shively's Ethics in Advertising

Local voters are questioning Tom Shively's ethics in advertising so close to the 2008 General Election.

In reference to a newspaper advertisement in the Macon Chronicle-Herald newspaper on September 16, 2008, a concerned citizen asked party officials about the legality of such advertising.

The message read, "I have seen many of these Shively ads in the Macon paper over the past several months. I have often wondered just how they are paid for? They are obviously not paid for by campaign dollars or it would be so stated. Is it possible that Shively is using government provided expense dollars to pay for these adds?"

The local newspaper was contacted, stating it would be "unethical" for them to release who exactly paid for the advertisement."

The concerned citizen added, "Anyone who examines them closely would probably agree they are a campaign, everything a campaign add might have except how it is paid for."

Take a vote on our online poll at What is your opinion on Shively's advertisements? You can also add comments to this post on that site.
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Friday, September 5, 2008

Macon Co. Delegate at National Convention

Jim Willis of Bevier was one of 58 Missouri delegates to attend the Republican National Convention in St. Paul held September 1-4, 2008.

Willis was elected to be one of only 28 at-large delegates to represent the state at the state convention, held Saturday, May 31st in Branson.

The convention was the most-watched of the two party’s conventions this year, including the national debut of Vice Presidential candidate, Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska.

Macon County’s Donna Brem, Christine Elliott, Becky Lang, and Chris, Tammy, and Amanda Shoemaker all of Macon, and the Bud and Carol Payne family of La Plata attended a McCain-Palin rally in O’Fallon on Saturday, August 30, a day after the announcement of the ticket of two. The locals attending called the event, “electrifying.”

Besides officially nominating and approving John McCain as the conservative party’s candidate for president, delegates amended and approved the party’s platform.

Other speakers making presentations to the Missouri delegation included Michael Steele, Fox News Contributor and former Lt. Governor of Maryland, Sen. Kit Bond, Rep. Kenny Hulshof and John Bolton, US Ambassador to the United Nations.

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Friday, July 18, 2008

105 Attend GOP Ice Cream Social

Macon County Republicans hosted their annual Old Fashioned Ice Cream Social on the Courthouse Lawn on Thursday, July 18. Organizers counted 105 in attendance to enjoy homemade desserts and ice cream and stump speaking by candidates.

The event showcased candidates featured in this year’s August 5th Republican ballot which will include a tight race between Rep. Kenny Hulshof for Missouri Governor.

Three candidates for Congress including Blaine Luetkemeyer, Dannie Moore, and Bob Onder addressed the group. Their topics ranged from the energy crisis to fiscal discipline in government.

Commissioner candidates then Bill Cook and Drew Belt in District 1 and Jon Dwiggins for District 2 also outlined their plans to continue to move Macon County forward.

Mike Austin, candidate for State Representative, was also on hand to meet local voters.

The crowd included supporters from surrounding counties including Shelby and Randolph and a host of young families. One observed noted it was great to see kids playing tag and strollers at the outdoor event which attracted a wide variety of people and ages.

Members of the Macon Co. Republican Central Committee and the Macon Co. Federated Republican Women helped organize the event sponsored by the local Republican Club. Becky Belt served as the event chair.
For more information about the Macon County Republican Club, contact Darla Dwiggins at (660) 385-5092 or

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