Thursday, September 18, 2008

Local Campaign Coordinators Named

Macon Co. Republicans have named their campaign coordinators and contacts for the 2008 Election. For signs or other information about the campaigns, please contact the following individuals.

Donna Brem of Macon will direct efforts for McCain-Palin. Donna can be contacted at or (660) 395-1516.

Jeff Roberts of Macon is a county coordinator for Hulshof for Governor. Jeff can be reached at (660) 395-5873. Macon native Seth Rector is a paid field staffer for the Hulshof campaign and can be contacted at (573) 289-4104 or Rick Shoemaker is also assisting with local efforts.

Aaron Baker of Atlanta is leading efforts to re-elect Peter Kinder for Lt. Governor and to elect Sen. Brad Lager to Missouri Treasurer. Aaron can be reached at or (660) 281-7777

Nate Walker of Atlanta is spearheading the local campaign for Mike Gibbons for Attorney General. Nate can be reached at or (660) 346-0840. Phil Prewitt and Becky Lang, both of Macon, are also assisting in local efforts.

Jim Willis of Bevier is the contact for Blaine Luetkemeyer for Congress. Jim can be reached at or (660) 651-1144. Rick Shoemaker and Aaron Baker are also assisting.

Sen. Bill Stouffer of Saline County is seeking re-election. Sen. Stouffer can be contacted at or (660) 281-7777. Stouffer’s chief of staff is Macon County native Aaron Baker.

Mike Austin of Ethel is the candidate for State Representative in the 8th District, which includes Linn, Shelby, and most of Macon County. The Austin campaign has 27 community coordinators throughout the district. Voters may contact Mike directly at or (660) 486-3290.

Rep. Therese Sander of Moberly is the candidate for State Representative in District 22. This district includes the four southernmost townships in Macon Co. and all o f Chariton and Randolph. Rep. Sandner can be contacted at or (660) 263-7156.

Tony Askew for County Assessor can be contacted at or (660) 239-4405.

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