Thursday, September 18, 2008

Macon Co. Committee Members Announced

The Macon County Republican Central Committee met on Tuesday, August 19th at 7:00 P.M. in Macon. By state law, county political committees must reorganize every election year.

New officers elected were Jim Willis of Bevier, Chair, Kathy Austin of Ethel, Vice Chair, Aaron Baker of Atlanta, Secretary, and Jane Thompson of Macon, Treasurer.

Jim Willis opened the meeting. Willis, a delegate to this year’s national convention, was elected in 2006 to spearhead the party’s efforts in Macon County. That year, Macon County voters chose the Republican candidate in 5 out of 6 statewide races. Republicans also won the race for Presiding Commissioner with Alan Wyatt. In 2004, voters chose Republicans in 10 out of 11 statewide races.

The following members of the Macon County Republican Central Committee were announced:

  • Bevier Township: John and Jane Ann Stacy

  • Bevier City: Rick Shoemaker and Genia Ashenfelter

  • Callao Township: Paul and Linda Isaacson

  • Chariton Township: Tim and Brenda Remole of Excello

  • Drake Township: Matthew and Kristin Farwell of New Boston

  • Eagle Township: James and Brenda Morgan of Macon

  • Easley Township: Jason and Tina Belfield of South Gifford

  • Hudson Township: David and Phyllis Doctorian of Macon

  • Independence Township: Steve and Faith Christophel of Atlanta

  • Jackson Township: Gary and Linda Belt of Atlanta

  • Johnston Township : Gary and Donna Clarkson of La Plata

  • La Plata Township: Lee and Linda Moots

  • La Plata Ward 1: Danny and Becky Bunch

  • La Plata Ward 2: Tom and Kelly Marshall

  • Liberty Township: Jim Willis and Rowena Young of Bevier

  • Lingo Township: David and Doris James of New Cambria

  • Lyda Township: Nate Walker and Louise Gaughan of Atlanta

  • Macon Ward 1: Bonnie Morris and Jeff Roberts

  • Macon Ward 2: Bob Bickhaus and Sue Williams

  • Macon Ward 3: Jim and Marjorie Bolin

  • Macon Ward 4: 3 Don and Beth Dixon

  • Middle Fork Township: Patty Greenwood of Anabel and Dean Sandner of Excello.

  • Morrow Township: Louise Davis and John Yutz of Callao

  • Narrows Township: Bernard Huffman of Excello and Becky Lang of Macon

  • Richland Township: Vacant

  • Round Grove Township: Brent and Raena Foreman of Anabel

  • Russell Township: Derwood Harding of Ethel and Elna Williams of New Cambria

  • Ten Mile Township: Drew and Becky Belt

  • Valley Township: Kathy Austin and Ben Williams of Ethel

  • Walnut Creek Township: Greg and Janet Gunnels of Elmer

  • White Township: Sam and Robin Jones of Ethel

The committee will meet again following the November election to plan the annual Lincoln Dinner celebration and establish goals and expectations for the committee for the 2008 election cycle.

For more information, contact Jim Willis, Chair, at or (660) 651-1144.

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