Thursday, September 18, 2008

Voters Question Shively's Ethics in Advertising

Local voters are questioning Tom Shively's ethics in advertising so close to the 2008 General Election.

In reference to a newspaper advertisement in the Macon Chronicle-Herald newspaper on September 16, 2008, a concerned citizen asked party officials about the legality of such advertising.

The message read, "I have seen many of these Shively ads in the Macon paper over the past several months. I have often wondered just how they are paid for? They are obviously not paid for by campaign dollars or it would be so stated. Is it possible that Shively is using government provided expense dollars to pay for these adds?"

The local newspaper was contacted, stating it would be "unethical" for them to release who exactly paid for the advertisement."

The concerned citizen added, "Anyone who examines them closely would probably agree they are a campaign, everything a campaign add might have except how it is paid for."

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  1. Update - the Macon Chronicle Herald chose to not place a "Paid for by" line on the advertising because it appeared "non-political." They've since changed their policies.