Thursday, November 6, 2008

Stouffer to Lead Senate Republicans as Caucus Chair

Sen. Bill Stouffer, R-Napton, was today elected Majority Caucus Chairman of the Missouri Senate. Senate Republican caucus members elected Sen. Stouffer to the position, which will run over the next two years.

“I am appreciative of this opportunity and thank my colleagues for their trust in me,” said Sen. Stouffer. “There are a lot of challenges facing Missouri and I want to work with my colleagues to ensure we work for a government that is disciplined in its spending and forward-thinking in its policies.”

As Majority Caucus Chairman, Sen. Stouffer will lead majority caucus meetings and play an instrumental role in the coordination of legislative strategies to advance the agendas of the Senate members in his political party.

Senator Stouffer, a Saline County farmer, represents the counties of Carroll, Chariton, Cooper, Howard, Lafayette, Macon, Ray, and Saline. He also chairs the Senate’s Committee on Transportation and is the Vice Chairman of the Agriculture Committee. He recently won re-election to his post by receiving 64 percent of the vote and is known in the senate as a champion of constituent services in the nine counties he represents.

“We’ve worked really hard for the citizens in our area,” said Sen. Stouffer. “I’m looking forward to being a part of the next phase as we begin a new year with a new General Assembly.”

Senator Stouffer will officially begin his duties as Majority Caucus Chairman at the beginning of the legislative session in January. The First Regular Session of the 95th General Assembly will start on January 7, 2009, and will adjourn on May 15, 2009.

“Bill is a consistent leader for the people of Missouri on important issues ranging from transportation to the care of our seniors and disabled,” said presumptive Senate Leader Charlie Shields, R-St. Joseph. “His breadth of knowledge on the issues makes him the best person to lead and educate our caucus on the important issues emerging for Missourians.”
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Macon County - Solidly Republican

For those who know folks that think Macon County is a "Democrat County..." Republicans won 7 of 9 statewide elections AND picked up another courthouse seat this year. We now have three Republican commissioners in this county. Way to go Jon Dwiggins!

These are the same sweeping results that we've seen since the 2004 election. Our grassroots base is growing and its thanks to volunteers like you!

This type of trend will continue to put Macon on the map for our statewide candidates, too. "Targeted" counties are used in each election cycle to get out the vote for the conservative party. Macon could soon find itself on that list.

Shelby County's results were similar for statewide candidates. Adair County's were not as positive, as Nixon won there and Blaine and McCain barely pulled ahead. Linn Co. was a mixed bag, with locals dissapointed an excellent local independent commissioner did not knock off an incumbent.

Results from the state rep. race suprised many and shocked myself, as the power of the incumbency was underestimated. Its also important to note that although Rep. Tom Shively, D-Shelbyville has not done much as our elected official (i.e. never sponsoring a bill), he hasn't done much wrong, either.

Here's the specific results from Macon County. Those that won nation or state-wide, are noted with an "*:"

*McCain, +1802, 61.4% (GOP Win)

Hulshof, +1174, 57.2% (GOP Win)

*Kinder, +1658, 60.3% (GOP Win)

Hubbard, -1201, 40.5%

Lager, +1106, 56.5% (GOP Win)

*Luektemeyer, +668, 53.7% (GOP Win)

*Stouffer, +2442, 67.2% (GOP Win)

Austin, -97, 49.3%

*Sander, +185, 64.3% (GOP win)

Statewide, Kinder is now the only statewide elected official as the GOP lost the gubernatorial (Blunt) and treasurer (Steelman) posts. We maintain a 5-4 advantage in the congressional delegation, added 3 seats to the Missouri Senate for a 23-11 majority, and lost just 3 seats in the MO House for a 89-72 advantage.

I'll have more clarification and analysis on that race and others when I receive the precinct-by-precinct results.
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