Thursday, January 29, 2009

Macon Co. News & Views

For those wondering what former Rep. Kenny Hulshof will be doing now, an AP article in the Southeast Missourian reports he will take a post in public policy at a prestigious Kansas City-based law firm.

Our state senator, Bill Stouffer, made several memorable comments on the federal "spending" package in a press release this week announcing his appointment to a senate committee to help oversee its expenditures. A favorite Stoufferism in the column read: "Clearly, we have a huge task and need to take it seriously. This proposal may have so many earmarks it only stimulates the Q-tip industry.”

The Democrat representing most of Macon Co. in the state house, Tom Shively, has yet to sponsor a bill of his own since his election in '06. Some observers comment that his job may now be even more difficult, as he's pinched between supporting his party's own governor or the conservative cause he claims.

Grassroots tip from a Macon Co. Friend: "This site keeps people up to date on what's going on in Congress. The best feature that I have made a habit of using almost daily is, if you put your zip code + 4 digits in it'll bring up all your state and federal representatives. Up at the top, under where it says "Write Your Elected Officials" there are links "Federal" & "State." When you poke on those it'll take you to a page of names you want your correspondence to go to and how you want it to go."

You say potato, I say... "Budget Stabilization Funds?" In his state of the state address, Gov. Jay Nixon banked on federal stimulus (read spending) money to fill shortfalls in "health care" (read welfare). What will be used to fill the gaps in the future is unknown. Instead of actually spending money on creating jobs, our new governor has found a way to continue to move us towards welfare for all. His proposed budget cuts did include sending 50% less to University Extension, ending some capital improvement projects via the sale of MOHELA, and $20 million less to Economic Development. However, Nixon's budget is actually larger than last year's version, despite a shrinking economy and revenues.
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