Monday, February 2, 2009

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Michael Steele Elected RNC Chair
In what many are describing as a "good surprise," former Maryland Lt. Gov. and Fox News Contributor, Michael Steele, was named the chairman of the National Republican Committee this weekend. Steele is known as a personal and fiscal responsibility GOP'er, the roots many in the party would like to return to according to articles popping up across the entire blogosphere.

No Pay Raises for State Legislators, Judges:
All three Macon Co. legislators, Stouffer, Shively, and Sander voted for a Republican plan stopping pay raises for the legislators and judges. HCR 5 passed with a vote of 129-31. Two Northeast Missouri Democrats opposed the bill, Reps. Bringer and Witte.

From a Republican in Anabel:
"While my husband and I were on the road yesterday we heard a news report that Senator Gregg [R-New Hampshire] is being considered for a position in the Obama administration. As you know, NH has a democrat governor, this is a strategic move on the democrat's part to put a democrat in his seat in congress. Several online groups have asked that people start writing letters to Senator Gregg encouraging him to decline the offer, to stand by our party and not put us in a position of weakness by decreasing our numbers and strength in congress. It would guarantee them a filibuster proof congress. Please pass along this information and help us, loyal Republican members, communicate with Senator Gregg about the serious impact his decision has on our party.

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