Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Now Is The Time To Get ACTIVE

Town Hall Meeting

A Marine Continues to Defend
and Protect His Country

ac·tive [ak-tiv]

1. engaged in action; characterized by energetic work, participation
2. involving physical effort and action
3. characterized by action, motion, volume, use, participation
4. causing activity or change; capable of exerting influence
5. effective
6. requiring or giving rise to action; practical
7. requiring personal effort or attention

This month there has been a couple of opportunities for our voices to be heard, opportunities to listen, learn and be informed, opportunity to stand together with other Americans and actively be a part of American democracy.

Thursday (8/20) was the Governor's Ham Breakfast at the Missouri State Fair. Nearly every single elected official attended this event. We stood with reminders that that they work for us and 2010 would determine if they still had a job. It was quite incredible, actually. When we first got there we really didn't know where to stand or where others were gathered. We took our position right at the main gate where every single person had to pass right by us to enter. Talk about a front row seat! We got to shake a lot of hands, meet some interesting people and our voice was undeniably heard. There weren't many of us but we came with a voice that spoke for the majority. One of the incredible people that joined us was Kevin Jackson. If you've never heard of Kevin consider this an introduction to a outstanding young man who is great patriot with a gift to face politicians with truth and he is a motivating conservative leader. I became familiar with Kevin at the St. Louis Tea Parties and started following him on his blog, The Black Sphere. Kevin and his beautiful wife, Melissa were on the front lines at the Breakfast with us. And I have to tell ya, when you're going into battle Kevin & Melissa are the David's you want to join to face this Goliath that We The People are battling.
Kevin also has a book out, "The Big Black Lie," and the reviews are enthusiastically praising it.
One review:

The BIG Black Lie is a must in the collection of all conservatives, particularly Republicans. It teaches conservatives to be unapologetic and proud by explaining conservatism from a unique perspective. The book also showcases the lunacy of liberalism in a humorous and satirical way, that provides the reader plenty of belly laughs.

In The BIG Black Lie: How I learned the truth about the Democrat Party, the author explores from a first-hand perspective the devastating damage wrought by Democrats and Liberals on the black community. He believes that conservatism is the soul of America, and he provides ways for conservatives, and specifically Republicans to take back the mantle of being the party of the down-trodden. Readers will become empowered by The BIG Black Lie.

Read more here: Amazon Reviews

Oh, and Kevin and Melissa are a lot of fun too! At the Republican tent we found both the Health Care Bill, H.R. 3200, all 1017 pages, and the Cap and Trade Bill, H.R. 2454, all 1400 pages.

The Bills That Nobody Has Read

The Giants That We Will Conquer

Find something you could understand, Kevin? Didn't think so...

The next informative adventure was the Claire McCaskill Town Hall Meeting held at Moberly Area Community College on Monday, 8/24. I normally have my daughter or husband to attend events with, but this was one that I had to do alone. This was my first (and definitely not last) town hall meeting. I studied issues the night before and I had my notes all written out so if by some odd chance I got in, and by some even more odd chance I got called on I would be as prepared as possible. I confess that I went in with a dozen preconceived ideas. I figured it would be filled with McCaskill people with only a few rows left for the crowds to fill 1st-come-1st-serve. I was ready for it to be campaigning as usual with set up questions without challenge. And I was ready to hear endless lies about this administration... just to name a few. I arrived about 45 minutes early. I had to go thru security to get into the auditorium and I was only behind 3 people when I got there. Zero crowd. Entering the auditorium to my left was where the cameras were lining up and only the first few rows were filling up, people were kinda spread out. It may have been 1/4 full. I found a seat about the 6th or 7th row back on the right hand side of the room. Nix my first preconceived idea. I saw people from the Free Tax group on the front row and I saw Obama stickered people also on the front row. As the room filled up, it was hard to determine the pro-obamacare and anti-obamacare people so I just started taking pictures of the crowd and watched, observed and listened to the chatter around me. About 15 minutes before the meeting started it was filled to capacity (500). In our chairs were slips of paper and if we had questions we were to write them on these forms. A gal came around with a basket and picked up all the forms and took them to the front.

Once Senator McCaskill arrived the meeting began with prayer by a Presbyterian pastor. The Senator was introduced and she asked everyone to join her in the Pledge of Allegiance and this was the loudest part of the entire event. (It was awesome!) Senator McCaskill said that she didn't want anyone to think that the questions were set up so she asked if there was anyone in the audience who disagreed with everything she stood for and didn't believe she serving the people of Missouri. About 10 hands went up and she chose a man from that group. It happened to be the guy from the Fair Tax group. She was going to call out the name and the person had the option of asking their question or having her read their question. I won't go through all of them, but the very first question was prefaced with, "I wasn't paid to be here and I wasn't bussed in by any organization, I am just a citizen with questions." I don't remember her question but Senator McCaskill prefaced her answer with, "I want everyone in this room to know that I do not believe that this meeting is filled with people who are plants, or paid to be here, nor do I believe that you are plants from insurance companies or any other organization. I believe that every single person in this room is a Patriot. You are citizens of this country with sincere concerns for your country -- this is what democracy is all about and YOU are a part of this democracy happening." She had my attention with that response. I didn't get called on, but every single one of my questions and comments were addressed in this meeting. And I believe she answered them honestly. If I had to guess I'd say that the percentage in the room was about 75% anti-government run health care, health insurance, government controlled anything and the rest were Obama supporters. There were a few times when she'd say something wasn't in the bill and the crowd would roar with correction. She would explain how it's worded and give her stand on the issue. Abortion was a big one. She explained about the Hyde Amendment and that no bill would over ride that law. She was called on the loopholes and she said that she would not vote for any federal provision what-so-ever for abortion in the final bill. And that's pretty much how the whole meeting went. I didn't agree with her on certain issues (cap & trade for example) and she gave her reasons for support, which sounded like BS so I want to watch the video and research what she explained. I recorded the whole meeting and I'm glad I did. I've watched a couple of the questions and answers and naturally I'm hearing more than what I heard in the meeting. I learned alot and I have to say that Senator McCaskill conducted an excellent meeting. She wasn't campaigning, she appeared to sincerely want to discuss and have dialog with the people. She was informative, she was sure footed with what she would support and with what she wouldn't. When she was asked if she would go on a program they wanted the American people on she said absolutely, yes. And she would vote against a government controlled health care system. But that she was absolutely for health CARE reform. She wouldn't vote for anything she wouldn't want for herself or her 80+ year old mother.

The Senator closed the meeting saying that if she lets us down we can vote her out of office. That got a standing ovation and the meeting was over. I left feeling like I'd been a part of something good. I left feeling challenged by a curiosity to identify facts I'd come with and a desire to check out the new information I had. And I left with a different respect for Senator McCaskill, I will watch how she votes to determine if she is sincere or if she's just great at working the crowd.

Now, I have to say that it was disappointing to not see one familiar face from my local area at either event. (With the exception of Aaron.) I know people work and thank God people still have jobs. I know life is busy in the fields at this time of year, but there were several farmers, small business owners concerned about the future of their livelihood, retired men and women concerned about their future health care. People, now is the time to get out there and let our politicians see our faces, hear our voices, add to the body count that holds them accountable. And now we've had a new challenge added. Do you remember how Pelosi stood in front of a camera and accused us of being a part of an astroturf movement, hired by conservative groups? Remember when we were called terrorists and accused of being a part of an organized group to infiltrate and upset these meetings? Well, guess what Pelosi and her fellow thugs are organizing? There is a bus tour that is starting tomorrow in Phoenix and traveling across the country planning 1,000 events to counter protest through September 8th when recess is over. This is being orchestrated by SEIU, ACORN, HCAN, Planned Parenthood, LaRaza, MoveOn and more. Their signs are coming from the Whitehouse and if they want to print their own they can get the art off of the whitehouse.gov site.

Fox News reports it.

Politico explains it.

Gateway Pundit exposes it.

Please get involved.

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