Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Town Hall Meetings

I'm just getting back from a week with family in St. Louis and the hot news down there is all about Missouri's town hall meetings. I got down there the day of the 2nd Russ Carnahan meeting. My daughter and I had hoped to make this one, but as things worked out we weren't able to. On one hand I was relieved that we missed it, on the other I wish we would have been there to witness the insane brutality brought in by the Obama administration. In case you haven't seen it yet here is the video of Kenneth Gladney being beaten by a SEIU member.

Kenneth Gladney was selling Gadsden flags outside of the meeting when a few SEIU (Service Employee International Union) members got a hold of him and roughed him up. Another SEIU member smashed a woman in the face while she was filming Mr. Gladney being beaten. In all 2 SEIU members, 1 journalist from the StL Post-Dispatch and two members of the Carnahan crew, volunteers trained by the Carnahan campaign, were arrested. As of today, violent hate crime charges have been filed on the 2 SEIU members. Elston K. McCowen , Director of SEIU Local 2000, is the man who beat up Mr. Gladney. And I've lost the name of the member who smashed in the woman's face with her camera, but she has charges against her as well.


During Russ Carnahan's first town hall meeting he got laffed at as he read thru his talking points.

Apparently he decided he was going to handle his future town hall meetings a little differently. An account of how it was set up inside: "The chairs placed on the floor were divided into 2 sections, right and left. All of the chairs on the left side facing the stage area were tagged reserved for pre-registrants. I found it interesting to see that everyone on that side of the room was pro-Obamacare. There were SEIU members in their union shirts, and ACORN people who I saw standing outside carrying their look-alike pre-printed signs, and local politicians and staff members of Russ Carhahan, as well as dedicated supporters." The Carnahan staff was sneaking in SEIU members in the side door marked "handicapped." There were about 1,000 people locked outside of the building.
Up until this meeting, the town hall meetings have been non-violent and most have been given the opportunity to ask questions or speak out. What's changed?

~Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer publically declaring that those speaking out against the healthcare reform bill are un-American.
A fellow democrat seems to disagree:

~Pelosi in her sneaky coy voice saying there are swasticas at these health care meetings.

~SEIU sending out memos saying "
come out in strong numbers to drown out their voices."

~Kathleen Sebelius calling her "brothers and sisters" at SEIU urging more to get involved. “Keep doing what you’re doing.”

Or possibly this piece of gas on the fire from the Democrat National Committee (DNC) ad attacking citizens who are opposing a Government-takeover of Health Care as an "angry mob" comprised of "right-wing extremists of the Republican base.

I can barely stand it. This administration has declared an all out war on it's own people! These are just Americans like you and I. These are people who are listening and reading and trying to understand what this administration & congress are trying to push thru at warp speed, without reading. These are tax paying citizens of this country who are scared to death of the spending rate of this administration and just trying to have a say. And they're not all Tea Party participants. They're our seniors with legimate fears about their futures, they're family members taking care of mentally &/or physically challenged parents, siblings, children. They're Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Independents or no party what-so-ever. Nobody's paying them to be there. Nobody's calling them and including them in an organized mob. And I have to say here that the Tea Party people are some of the most peaceful, non-confrontational groups I've ever seen. They are not "backed by insurance companies and corporate front groups." They're not listening lies from talk radio or conservative television, they're learning on their own and making a stand against it and refusing to accept lies from politicians. The only fears they have, the only thing scaring them is the strong arming tactics, closed door meetings throwing together pork laden bills, insane spending of taxpayer money, abuse of power from this administration. It doesn't get any more grassroot than this. And the more they disrespect the rights of these people with the lies and attempted deciet, the further they're pushing them away and more are gathering who are seeing the truth.

Pelosi calls it astroturf. You want to see what the real definition of astroturf is? Are you ready for this?


And who's paying for it?


The game plan from HCAN (Health Care for America Now):

The Democrat National Committee has another tactic used in their propaganda called "
turnspeak." A couple of examples:

Believe it or not the SEIU blog site has taken the video of Mr. Gladney being beaten up and said it was Mr. McCowen aka The Reverend, who was attacked. Here is their rendition of the evening:


This is a fight that's personally important to my husband and I for several reasons, but right off the top are 3 that are worth our time and effort to make a stand for. We have parents who are dependent on quality health care and they hang on the professionalism of their doctors. I can't imagine them having the "end of life" discussion with their doctors about their quality of life, based on the measure of quality of Obama's science czar
(zero accountability) John Holdren, or top health advisers, Ezekiel Emanuel and Dr. David Blumenthal. What about my brother-in-law who is mentally retarded from childhood meningitis and in his late 50's. What measure of quality of life will he be judged by?

Don't get me wrong, there is no doubt about it that we need some kind of health care reform. My husband and I haven't had health insurance for 10 years. It has worked out in our favor to be on a cash basis with our medical care. When we've had hospital &/or doctor needs they have all given us real fair rates for paying cash. What we've paid out in cash for medical care is still less than what insurance would have cost us. We've been extremely blessed that neither one of us has had any critical or life threatening illness. Just to throw a couple of ideas out there, the way I figure it is if they'd get the out-of-control law suits reigned in it would be a huge reform that'd help our doctors afford their practices and pass those millions of dollars in malpractice insurance savings on to us. And have you noticed the tv commercials? Every other commercial is for some sort of law suit you "might" be eligible for. And in between all the law suits are prescription drug commercials. Drugs for depression, weight loss, allergies, sleeping, and of course erectile dysfunction.
In an excellent article about a UCLA study, it said, "They show people that have "lost control over their social, emotional or physical lives without the medication; and they minimize the value of health promotion through lifestyle changes. The ads have limited educational value and may oversell the benefits of drugs in ways that might conflict with promoting population health." Sounds like a couple of good places to start with reform to me.

Now is not the time to be silent. They are listening and the polls are telling the truth that they can't deny. Your voice is so important and we're not getting a do-over if they pass any part of this atrocity against America. If there's a town hall meeting, please go. Get involved. Write or call your representatives. Let them hear your voice.

And I'll close this post with this priceless moment of truth from our president:


August 11, 2009

My fears are now allayed: I’m thrilled to hear that government-run health care will be as efficient as the post office. And that’s according to the president.

Your hard-earned money will be collected from your paycheck via taxes, and sent to finance a program that will be run like the post office.

Anyway, the president has convinced me. We need to have government-run health care. And the post office example sold me.

But, there are some of you, I’m sure, that aren’t yet convinced. So, as a loyal American (who doesn’t what to be flagged), I present other reasons to let the government run health care. Here are things that will present excellent examples of how government-run organizations (regardless of the level of government) operate:

  • Amtrak
  • The quality of public schools
  • The NEA funding of porn
  • The DMV
  • Oil for Food
  • Paying farmers to not grow crops
  • Student visas
  • The TSA
  • FEMA
  • The IRS

If these examples don’t show you just how wonderful a government-run health care system will be, I don’t know what will convince you.

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