Friday, September 25, 2009

I Pledge Allegiance

Another video surfaces of young school children singing Obama's praises during school.

From Tammy Bruce:
"Titled “Kids Obama Song,” this is the second video of children being taught to sign the praises of [Obama in school.] Being excited about the election of someone is one thing. Children can learn about that and celebrate it with their parents. Having children sing and dance about about a politician and then using those children in a political video posted for the public is outrageous."

A note from yesterday's video of the children from the B. Bernice Young Elementary School. "The Fox News report notes a line from the Obama lyrics (”He said red, yellow, black or white / All are equal in his sight / Barack Hussein Obama!”) is more-or-less plagiarized from "Jesus Loves the Little Children" ("Black and yellow, red and white / They’re all precious in His sight / Jesus…”). Except we don’t allow public school kids to sing about Jesus. That’s against the rules.

They're even banning Christmas songs in public schools. A portion of the song is lyrics put to the music of the "Battle Hymn of the Republic." What do you think the odds are of these same children knowing the words to the "Battle Hymn of the Republic?" This is just all so wrong.

In researching information I ran across this absolute treasure. For you younger adults, let me introduce you to Red Skelton. And let me take you back to a place in time when any indoctrination in the schools of this country was in loyalty TO THIS COUNTRY and respect for the freedom that was blood bought for American citizens. On January 14, 1969 Red Skelton offered his television audience his reminiscence of an incident from his schoolboy days in Indiana:

I: meaning me, an individual, a committee of one.
Pledge: dedicate all of my worldly goods to give without self pity.
Allegiance: my love and my devotion.
To the Flag: our standard, Old Glory, a symbol of freedom. Wherever she waves, there is respect because your loyalty has given her a dignity that shouts freedom is everybody’s job.
Of the United: that means that we have all come together.
States: individual communities that have united into 48 great states. 48 individual communities with pride and dignity and purpose, all divided with imaginary boundaries, yet united to a common cause, and that’s love of country.
And to the Republic: a republic, a state in which sovereign power is invested in representatives chosen by the people to govern. And government is the people and it’s from the people to the leaders, not from the leaders to the people.
For which it stands!
One nation [Under God]: meaning, so blessed by God.
Indivisible: incapable of being divided.
With Liberty: which is freedom and the right of power to live one’s life without threats or fear or any sort of retaliation.
And justice: The principle and quality of dealing fairly with others.
For all.: which means, boys and girls, it’s as much your country as it is mine.”


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