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Reflections of 9/12

On 9/12 of this year there was a March on Washington by American citizens from every corner of the country. There were the Tea Party people, the 9/12 Project people, the Fair Tax people, and every other pro-America, pro-US Constitution group in the country. But most were people who didn't belong to any particular group other than a hard working family who has gotten up off the couch and made the decision to be a part of speaking out for their convictions.

More than anything I wanted to be in DC for this, but it wasn't in the cards for me... this time. BUT, there was a Tea Party rally held in Quincy, IL and the St. Louis Tea Party joined in with them and so did I. It was an incredible day. The energy of the crowd was encouraging and a lot of FUN! It's an awe-inspiring experience to stand with patriots from all walks of life with the common love for this country.

First I'd like to share my day with you and then I'd like to give you a look into the day in DC.


Across this nation, people joined together to voice their concerns, to listen to speakers looking for direction about what to do to have their voices heard, to stand UNITED with other Americans who are concerned about the direction this administration is attempting to take our country. Most are saying "we are silent no more" and it's being heard. The main stream media refuses to report it, but it's a definite roar being heard across the country. And it's waking people up. It's encouraging citizens to get informed and get active. It's truly an exciting time in America.

There must be tens of thousands of pictures going around the internet of the March on Washington. I've pulled out a few to make a couple of points.

First of all, the media has done it's best to down-play the size of the crowds. I think the liberal blog, Huffington Post, has it down to maybe at most a few thousand people. Bless their hearts. The best estimate coming out of Washington has been 1.5. And the estimates including all of the rallies held across the nation is at 3+ million. But who wants to bicker about numbers? Let's just enjoy some photographs of Americans at their best!

Most of these are from Red Cube & Looking At The Left

Sorry, I just had to throw ol' Baghdad Bob in there for grins.

Looks like a few thousand people for sure.
Notice anything peculiar about any of those pictures? Anyone see any swastikas? Hitlers? I'm sure there's one or two, maybe even 6 in there somewhere. The Huffington Post, Pelosi and MSM plucked out a few choice pix then posted and railed on and on about how horrible and hateful the crowds are. But you know what? You can see the temperament and message of this crowd with your own eyes, when you're shown the truth. And when you think for yourself based on facts, not Saul Alinski fiction. Nancy Pelosi and the media are starting this scary funneling of emotion about the fear of the violent nature of these things. What's so backasswards about this Hitler/swastika/Nazi thing is that this president surrounds himself with self proclaimed communists, marxists and terrorists and nobody bats an eye.

The facts are that since the beginning of first tea parties back in February, there has been zero violence, zero damage, zero litter, unlike the devastation they left Washington in after the inauguration:

Mmm mmm mmm

And zero arrests of any of the Tea Party or town hall participants. The only arrests have that have been made are those of SEIU, ACORN members & Russ Carnahan employee's. The only violence was the beating a black man (Tea Party participant) took from an SEIU thug at a town hall meeting in St. Louis. (ACLU looked the other way) And the guy that got his finger bit off by a SEIU thug in California. And we won't even mention the 80+ arrests and over $50,000. damage at the radical left protests at the G20 meeting in Pittsburgh last week.

These groups at these rallies are wonderful, peaceful people. It's like a huge gathering of people you've known forever. We're the good guys!!

And about those Hitler posters. If you see any of these people with this message:

They have infiltrated themselves into the Tea Party movement and they do not, nor does their message, represent any part of the Tea Party, Fair Tax, 9/12 Project rallies. They are a bizarre group of people, The LaRouche Movement, who have invited themselves to the party. And here's the kicker, the guy's a democrat.

LaRouche himself has been a candidate for U.S. president eight times, standing in every presidential election from 1976 to 2004. The first was with his own party, the U.S. Labor Party. In the next seven campaigns he campaigned for the Democratic Party nomination.

There's a load of information on this creepy organization: I'm done giving them anymore recognition.

One more negative report the MSM & Huffington Post grand stands on is the accusation that these rallies are motivated by hateful racists. (Are you as sick of that word as I am?) To help snuff out that liberal rant I'd like to share the March on Washington thru the eyes of a young man, Oleg Atbashian. He's a writer & graphic artist from Ukraine and the creator of He writes about his experience in Washington in a two part article for Pajamas Media (Part 1 and Part 2) I highly recommend that you take a few minutes and read his reflections on this experience as seen through the eyes of an ex-Soviet immigrant.

In his blog he writes, "From what I have seen, this tea party consisted of people of many races, accents, and origins, who varied in their religious beliefs, immigration status, and political affiliations. I spoke with people who were Puerto Ricans, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian, Native Americans, and African Americans. I spoke with those who were atheists and those who were gay. I met a group of Spanish-speaking Cuban women, who carried a large anti-Obama poster.

I later shared my water bottle with a Serbian woman dressed in colonial costume with an American flag over her skirt. She carried several Ron Paul signs, including one that said, "Gun control means using both hands." She spoke English with a strong accent but knew enough Russian to have a meaningful conversation.

What brought all these different folks together was their love of freedom. They recognized the danger posed by encroaching big government tyranny and acknowledged a need for action. But that's where the similarities ended. These people weren't used to speaking in unison. There were no predictable pious clich├ęs or standardized hypocritical speech codes typical of leftist protests. Underneath all the masquerade, the accents, and other superficial attributes, the essential qualities of the million-plus tea partiers were what the term "diversity" used to mean originally, before the collectivist left pulled a racist bait-and-switch scheme and repackaged the term to denote a purely biological and tribal belonging with no regard to our individual minds, liberties, and ambitions."

A few more of his photographs:

And a couple more from other bloggers:

Someone called in the Cowboys!!

Here are more incredible shots of DC from Stealth Fusion

In the words of Oleg Atbashian:

The “mainstream” media will never admit it in a smug tone reserved for leftist malcontents, but I know it and you know it.

That day we made history.

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