Thursday, September 3, 2009

Update On School Speech

Dana Loesch has posted a press release from Lt. Governor Peter Kinder:

JEFFERSON CITY – Lt. Governor Peter Kinder today released the following statement on President Obama’s planned televised address and curricula for elementary school students next week:

“Since taking office in January, President Obama’s administration has take steps never before seen by any presidency in the realm of government intervention.

“Over the course of the past nine months, we have seen the government take over automobile manufacturers, financial institutions, they have hired and fired corporate executives and are now attempting to take over control of our privately run healthcare system.

“Now, we learn that the President will make a televised speech to elementary school students all across the country. And while elected officials often make classroom visits, this may be the first time that the White House has distributed curricula directly to the teachers to accompany the president’s speech.

“While I have the utmost respect for the office of the president, and for this president, this public relations tactic has gone too far. The distribution of teaching curricula from the White House to the classroom clearly usurps the authority of our local school boards and school administrators.

“We have seen the federal government intervene into our lives in ways that many of us thought we would never see. This is a clear infringement on the rights of our students and those of Missouri parents.

“I believe that if parents choose to keep their children at home during this presentation, they should be able to do so without any consequences being imposed upon their children. And if local school districts across Missouri choose not to make this speech mandatory for students, they should not face any penalties for the state or federal government. Parents who are concerned by the president’s school programming should contact their local school administrators to make their voices heard.

“It is important to vindicate parental rights, as parents are primarily responsible for their children’s education.”

There have been several reports of several schools that have opted not to broadcast the speech. And I applaud every single one of them for standing up for their purpose in a child's life.

I heard one parent today who was concerned for the older children. He made an excellent point that the children in the 7-12 grades will all be voters within a few years. In the "Menu of Classroom Activities" teachers are suppose to instruct the students to write down the main 3 words they hear in the speech and rank them. Here's a screen shot of the list:

The most obvious problem is that it's all about President Obama. Who he could speak to next, who should his next audience be, etc. He's fishing for what these kids are going to be looking for. It's all about politics. If the president wanted to do a public service announcement to encourage kids to be responsible, stay in school, do your best, whatever, it'd be a whole different story. But this is going too far bringing blatant politics into our public schools.

Here are the links to the Menus of Classroom Activities:



Both menus have been revised after the uprising of concerned parents and teachers.

America's Right summarizes it: Whitewashing the Presidential Speech to Schools.

The National Tea Party Coalition announces “Hall Pass on That,” the alternative to President Barack Obama’s September 8th address to school children across the nation. "Parents, not the President, determine what you learn."

I'd also like to recommend a program that will be airing on Fox tomorrow night 8:00 Central. "Do You Know What Textbooks Your Children Are Really Reading?" Hosted by Tucker Carlson.
Here's a preview from FOX Nation.
A tag about the show:

FOX News Reporting investigated the $10 billion dollar-a-year textbook industry and how the drive to be politically correct might be taking over American schools. Host Tucker Carlson, asked experts, teachers, publishers and parents the same question: "Do you know what is inside your children's textbooks?" From kindergarten through college, we found staggering errors and omissions which may be pushing agendas, hidden and otherwise.

"A Call To Arms For Parents" Excellent article from PJ Media!

It's so important to stay informed and get involved.

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