Monday, October 5, 2009

Bill Stouffer for U.S. Congress

A new website has been launched for the Bill Stouffer for Congress campaign.

About Bill Stouffer

Bill Stouffer is a farmer in Saline County and has served as a state senator representing western Missouri since 2005.

Bill and his wife, Sue Ellen, live near Napton, a small town near Marshall. A former school board president and graduate of the University of Missouri College of Agriculture, he has been a farmer since 1967.

Bill currently serves as Chairman of the Senate's Republican Caucus, Chairman of the Senate’s Committee on Transportation and Vice Chairman of the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Food Production, and Outdoor Resources. He has also led his caucus on veteran’s issues.

As a citizen legislator, Bill is considered a leader in transportation issues and is the first Senate Transportation Chairman to have driven the state’s roads in a car, tractor, and a semi. His business experience has also relied heavily on barge and rail traffic. His efforts include finding solutions to fund expansions to Interstates 70 and 44 including truck-only lanes.

Health care, gun rights, and agriculture are also top legislative priorities. In 2006, Bill passed an Assisted Living bill senior advocacy groups called “Missouri’s most significant legislation for seniors in a decade” and he continues to focus on reform in brain injury and older adult care.

In 2007, Sen. Stouffer passed the Hunting Heritage and Preservation Act, the National Rifle Association’s number one priority in the nation.

Bill is also considered a leader in the state in agriculture issues. In the early 1980’s, Bill Stouffer became chairman of the board for MFA, Inc., a farmer-owned cooperative with locations throughout the state. Under his leadership, MFA made significant changes in its management practices including removal of partisan politics and an antiquated distribution system. This transition is attributed to saving MFA, Inc. from bankruptcy. Stouffer has also chaired the University of Missouri’s Ag Foundation, was an elected member of the state’s first corn merchandising council, and was inducted into the Missouri Institute of Cooperatives Hall of Fame in 2008.

Born April 19, 1947, Bill is the father of two sons and has four grandchildren. He is an active member of the Missouri Cattlemen’s Association, Missouri Corn Growers, Missouri Soybean Association, Missouri Farm Bureau, Missouri Civil Air Patrol, NRA, and the Smith Chapel United Methodist Church. In addition, Sen. Stouffer has chaired the General Assembly’s 4-H Caucus.

On the Issues:

From me personally, Thank You Senator Stouffer for running to the frontlines representing Missouri's voice!

Enough IS Enough!!

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