Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry CHRISTmas From Macon County Patriots

A very Merry CHRISTmas Eve from beautiful Winter Wonderland, Redman. It is so beautiful and peaceful outside and to tell you the truth this feels like a reward for making it through the painful, stressful lame duck season of our country. 
Macon County Patriots has seen a lot this past year, been a part of some pretty incredible events and has grown into the northern Missouri representation of the Tea Party & Patriot movement. It's been an honor to represent Macon County Patriots throughout this year. I know it seems we've been quiet since after the elections, but we've been doing some reorganizing and getting our footing to dig into the new year of activism ahead of us. The past couple of years have been our boot camp. Now it's time to get involved in our government and be a part of running to the roar of the battles ahead of us. 

[W]hen male lions get old, their teeth start to get rotten and they aren't able to kill animals very easily. In order to get fed, they recruit the lady lions and stronger young guys to help them. When they get ready to hunt, these effective killers go hide on one side of a herd while the big, old lion goes to the other side of it. Once he’s in position, he'll let out this massive, scary roar that sends the herd running away from him where the stronger lions are waiting. And, thus, they run to their death.
Scripture says that our enemy is like a roaring lion. When we look at it from this point of view, it gets really interesting. If we really think about it, as the ultimate deceiver, [Progressive/Liberal Government] is like an old, roaring lion who has bad teeth and a big roar. All he can do is lie to us,  just like this old lion. If we would, instead of running from him, face the roar and run in the direction of what we fear, we wouldn't be devoured. Instead, we would likely experience God’s deliverance and find that there is nothing to fear after all.
The truth is that Jesus threw Satan down already. And through His victory, we are also victorious. Like I said, all our enemy can do is lie to us and send us running in the wrong direction—away from where God wants to take us and where He can show us His strength and truth.
~Jill Ewert, 2/16/2010

“Be on the alert! Your adversary is prowling around like a roaring lion, looking for anyone he can devour.” 1Peter 5:8 

Over the past 2 years I have never felt doomed, scared to death or defeated. Disappointed, surprised, angry maybe, but not like it's the end. Never before, since the 1st Revolution, has there been such an awakening and uprising of the American people. And I believe with all my heart that the United States of America is at her very best when she's fighting for her freedom. And I'm honored to serve in any capacity to be a part of this 2nd Revolution.

We have reorganized within Macon County Patriots. I have moved into the Treasurer's position and our new President is Rick Cochran, from LaPlata. Aaron Baker remains as Secretary. I will be no less involved in Macon County Patriots and I look forward to serving shoulder to shoulder with Rick as I am hoping all of you will also. Now more than ever it's time to be active. 

Activist:  ac·tiv·ist
–noun especially active, vigorous advocate of a cause.
–adjective  2. of or pertaining to activism or activists: an activist organization for environmental concern. 3. advocating or opposing a cause or issue vigorously, esp. a political cause.

Our membership has not stopped growing, which means more and more people are still  awakening to the urgency of getting involved. We, in northern Missouri, have become a vital part of turning this government around and handing it back to We The People both on the state and federal level. It's an honor to serve with every single one of you and I look forward to the upcoming 2 years. 

God bless and protect you and your families,
Sally Weber
Christmas 2010

My prayer for Macon County Patriots
As a reminder of Who's we are as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ:

Dear Fellow Macon County Patriots,

I am extremely humbled and honored to have been entrusted to serve as President of MCP for 2011. I would like to take this opportunity to share an overview of my vision for our group for 2011 and beyond.
I have a simple philosophy and motivation for my involvement with MCP. Here it is in a nutshell: America is in deep trouble for one reason; we have strayed from our founding principles. As such, the only way she can be restored is to return to those principles. I believe that groups of concerned citizens like MCP can be instrumental in helping this to happen. Therefore, this belief will guide everything I endeavor to do with and through MCP.
This is a Christmas message and I do hope that what I have said about America being in deep trouble has not put a damper on the spirit of the season for you. But if so, remember this; the gift Christ came to bring us was freedom as Galatians 5:1 says, “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.” As such we can be sure that He will be in the fight with us and, even more importantly, that He has already won the victory. I look forward to facing the challenges of the coming year with each and all of you in the strength of the One whose birth we celebrate at Christmas. 

May you have a Merry Christmas and a happy and free New Year.
Richard Cochran
Christmas 2010

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Blessed Thanksgiving from Macon County Patriots

" I salute you all today and raise a glass to our shared vision and love of this country and our communities. Praise God for each of you and I ask a special blessing on your families today and always. Guard your hearts so they are not hardened, but warm and receptive to welcoming all to our cause of exceptionalism, freedom and truth that our Founders intended."
~Tamara Colbert 
Thanksgiving 2010
Fellow Patriot w/Committee of Correspondence

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thank You!

To all American Veterans,
Thank you for your service and sacrifices to keep America free.

   The 11th hour of the 11TH DAY OF THE 11TH MONTH of 1918, World War I ended. Though the Armistice was signed at 5:00 AM, fighting continued till 11:00 AM, killing nearly 11,000 more men. In 1921, President Warren Harding had the remains of an unknown soldier killed in France buried in the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington Cemetery. Inscribed on the Tomb are the words: "Here lies in honored glory an American soldier know but to God." Armistice Day was changed to Veterans Day in 1954 to honor all U.S. Veterans. In 1958, President Eisenhower placed soldiers in the tomb from WWII and the Korean War. The soldier from Vietnam, buried by President Reagan in 1984, was identified by DNA tests as pilot Michael Blassie and was reburied in 1998 at Jefferson Memorial Cemetery, St. Louis, Missouri. On NOVEMBER 11, 1921, President Harding stated: "On the threshold of eternity, many a soldier, I can well believe, wondered how his ebbing blood would color the stream of human life, flowing on after his sacrifice...I can sense the prayers of our people...Let me join in that prayer. Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name. Thy kingdom come..."

November 11, 2010
American Minute

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Concealed Carry Weapon Course - 11/13/10

Concealed Carry Weapon Course

Open to the public
You must be 23 and 
Missouri resident for 6 months
Saturday, November 13, 2010
9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Church Without Walls
Atlanta, MO

$75.00 cash

Lunch will be provided.

Course Instructor: Mr. Greg Liles
NRA Certified instructor in Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun
instructing Concealed Carry in Missouri.
Member of Oath Keepers
Greg served with 1st/75th Ranger (ABN), Instructor Reconnaissance/Commando
(RECONDO) School - 101st Airborne Division, Operations Sergeant.
After serving, Greg and his wife relocated to Alaska
approximately 70 miles by aircraft west of Fairbanks,
where they owned & operated a lodge and guided hunting,
fishing and river trips

Requirements to bring to class:
Hand gun - Automatic and/or Revolver
50 rounds of caliber for handgun
Hearing and eye protection
Drivers License

If you have questions, need a gun or any required item for the class please contact Greg Liles 
(660) 676-7903

Send your full Name, Phone Number, County and Email address to:

An information packet will be sent out upon receipt of registration.

Friday, 11/12/10


FAQ's Regarding the CCW Permit Course

You must be 23 and a Missouri resident for 6 months

Once I take this course will I then have a license to carry a concealed weapon?

No. The 8 hour CCW course is required by law to be completed in order to apply for your certificate of qualification with the county sheriff's office.
Greg Liles will go into detail about the procedure to obtain your CCW permit.
This is a good site to review the Concealed Carry Laws:

Do I need to have my own gun to take this course?

No, a gun + 50 rounds of ammo will be provided for you if you need one for an additional $20.

Would this class be appropriate for beginners or those who need a refresher?

This course is flexible and is geared for ALL skill levels.

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

We The People of the United States...

by Dave Poff
November 2, 2010

… in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”
Simple words, straight-forward system of checks and balances, and the means by which each of us could live our lives in a safe, organized, and just manner. Yet, here we are today facing an election like no other in recent memory. More Americans are more angry at their Political Heroes than they have been in a very long time - even (I dare say) more angry than they were at George W. Bush and the GOP such a relatively short time ago.
We are out of work. We are living on food stamps and unemployment. We are seeing our dwindling dollars being spent on bailouts and regulations and Federal intervention into every nook and cranny of the private sector. And, we are getting increasingly vocal about these things at the very same time that our elected officials - from both parties - are losing their collective sense of hearing. We are at war, today, with the very people we sent to Washington to do our bidding. They have chosen to squander our good faith, and turn their backs on the very people for whom they should be on their knees in gratitude for the job so many of us do not have.
Today, We the People begin to take back our country. We will not win every battle today. We won’t see the end of this “war” for a long time to come…perhaps not even for a generation…but the beast has been awakened. The reckoning has begun, and it will not stop until the wills of the millions will be bent to once again by the hearts and minds of the thousands.
The Constitution at our backs, we move forward now and build the foundations for the next step. 2400 Pennsylvania Avenue is up next, and we go after it staring tomorrow.

Uprising, the Second American Revolution

I hope my vote was the vote heard around the world!! 

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Monday, November 1, 2010

The Americans Are Coming! The Americans Are Coming!!

November 2nd is here... Man your battlestations!!

 Make sure everyone you know has a ride to the polls.

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Monday, October 25, 2010

TONIGHT: Proposition B Discussion Panel

There are going to be several NE Missouri veterinarians at this discussion opposing representatives from the ASPCA and Mo Alliance for Animal Legislation. Be there to show your support for those opposing Proposition B and publicly demanding proof of pro-PropB claims. 

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Macon County Patriot Meeting - October 21st

Did you know there are 3 Missouri Constitution Amendments and 2 Propositions on the November ballot? Did you know there is one Supreme Court Judge and 5 Western District Court of Appeals Judges on the November ballot? 

If you'd like information on all of the above please join us:

Thursday, October 21st
6:30 p.m.
Los Jimadores Mexican Restaurant

521 E Briggs Dr. Macon

Guest Speaker: 
Kerry Messer
Missouri Family Network

Kerry will be sharing information about each Amendment and Proposition
and answering any questions you have about the issues. 

Dutch treat dinner at 6:30 pm
Meeting will begin at 7:15

Free and open to the public

This is a non-partisan meeting, please no campaigning.

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Why Women Must Vote

This is the story of our Mothers and Grandmothers who lived only 90 years ago.

Remember, it was not until 1920 that women were granted the right to go to the polls and vote.

The women were innocent and defenseless, but they were jailed nonetheless for picketing the White House, carrying signs asking for the vote.

And by the end of the night, they were barely alive. Forty prison guards wielding clubs and their warden’s blessing went on a rampage against the 33 women wrongly convicted of ’obstructing sidewalk traffic.’
They beat Lucy Burns, chained her hands to the cell bars above her head and left her hanging for the night, bleeding and gasping for air.

Dora Lewis

They hurled Dora Lewis into a dark cell, smashed her head against an iron bed and knocked her out cold. Her cellmate, Alice Cosu, thought Lewis was dead and suffered a heart attack. Additional affidavits describe the guards grabbing, dragging, beating, choking, slamming, pinching, twisting and 
kicking the women.

Thus unfolded the ’Night of Terror’ on Nov. 15, 1917, when the warden at the Occoquan Workhouse in Virginia ordered his guards to teach a lesson to the suffragists imprisoned there because they dared to picket Woodrow Wilson’s White House for the right to vote. For weeks, the women’s only water came from an open pail.  Their food–all of it colorless slop–was infested with terrible vermin.

  Alice Paul

When one of the leaders, Alice Paul, embarked on a hunger strike, they tied her to a chair, forced a tube down her throat and poured liquid into her until she vomited. She was tortured like this for weeks until word was smuggled out to the press.

 Mrs. Pauline Adams in the prison garb she wore while serving a sixty-day sentence.

Last week, I went to a sparsely attended screening of HBO’s new movie ‘Iron Jawed Angels.’ It is a graphic depiction of the battle these women waged so that I could pull the curtain at the polling booth and have my say. I am ashamed to say I needed the reminder.

 Miss Edith Ainge, of Jamestown, New York

All these years later, voter registration is still my passion. But the actual act of voting had become less personal for me, more rote. Frankly, voting often felt more like an obligation than a privilege.  Sometimes it was inconvenient.

 Berthe Arnold, CSU graduate

 Conferring over ratification of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution at National Woman’s Party  headquarters, Jackson Place, Washington, D.C. L-R Mrs. Lawrence Lewis, Mrs. Abby Scott Baker, Anita Pollitzer, Alice Paul, Florence Boeckel, Mabel Vernon (standing, right)

It is jarring to watch Woodrow Wilson and his cronies try to persuade a psychiatrist to declare Alice Paul insane so that she could be permanently institutionalized. And it is inspiring to watch the doctor refuse. Alice Paul was strong, he said, and brave. That didn’t make her crazy. The doctor admonished the men: "Courage in women is often mistaken for insanity."

 Helena Hill Weed, Norwalk, Conn.

Serving 3 day sentence in D.C. prison for carrying banner, "Governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed."

So, refresh my memory. Some women won’t vote this year because — why, exactly? We have carpool duties? We have to get to work? Our vote doesn’t matter? It’s raining?

History is being made, again.

This has been circulating on the internet since at least 2008. I'd love to give credit to the originator of the article but in all my searching I can't come up with the author. If anyone has this information please pass it on so we can give credit.

Additional interesting articles:

Women's Suffrage 1900-1920 

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Monday, October 4, 2010

Wednesday 10/6 - Last Day to Register to Vote!

This is one of the most vital elections in American history. Please do all you can to get your friends and family involved!

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wednesday 10/6 - Last Day To Register

This is one of the most vital elections in American history. Please do all you can to get your friends and family involved!

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Constitution Amendments and Propositions on 2010 Ballot

Did you know there are 3 Missouri Constitution Amendments and 2 Propositions on Missouri's 2010 General Election Ballot?  Too many of Missouri's voters are unaware of them. Below is the summary compiled by The Missouri Family Network.

Five Statewide Questions on Your Nov. 2, 2010 General Election Ballot

The following five statewide ballot measures have been certified for the November 2, 2010 general election. Three of the questions are proposed amendments to the Missouri State Constitution, two of which were approved by the State Legislature and the third placed on the ballot through a citizens' initiative. The last two questions are Propositions, or proposals aimed at changing state statutes, both of which come before voters through citizens' initiatives.

While additional local ballot questions may be on individual county or local community agendas,  
these five questions will be on every ballot for all registered voters throughout the 
State of Missouri. Voters are encouraged to search out all the information possible on these issues as well as all your area candidates.

Five Statewide Ballot Questions

Constitutional Amendment 1 - Vote “YES”
hold county assessors accountable!
Requires all county assessors to be publicly elected, except Jackson County (KC area).
Current law provides that assessors in charter class counties be appointed. All other county assessors are already elected.  This constitutional amendment would immediately affect 
only Jefferson, St. Charles and St. Louis Counties

Constitutional Amendment 2 - Vote “YES”
to support disabled former POWs!
This constitution amendment would require that all real property used as a homestead by any former prisoner of war who has a total service connected disability to be exempt from property taxes. The homes of such individuals would not be taxed due to their service, commitment and sacrifice on our behalf and in the defense of freedom.

 Constitutional Amendment 3 - Vote “YES”
prohibit sales taxes on your home!
Proposed through a citizen's initiative, this constitutional amendment would prohibit any state or local taxing authority from creating a new sales tax on your home or any other real estate. Currently there are no sales taxes on the transfer of property, but recent political debates have raised the idea as a possible source of future revenue.
Proposition A - Vote “YES”
limit your local government income taxes!
This proposed statutory measure repeals the authority of those cities currently allowed to impose income taxes on paychecks earned within their jurisdiction. Cities with such taxes must allow a public vote at the next municipal election and every five years thereafter. Cities with no earnings tax would be prohibited from ever adopting one.
Proposition B - B is Bad! - Vote “NO”
stop animal rights extremism!
Also known as "the fake puppy mill proposal," Proposition B is BAD! Current Missouri law already prohibits abusive dog facilities. Prop B is deceptive in not defining "puppy mills" while creating burdensome regulations that would treat all licensed breeders as abusive. The organization responsible for putting this on the ballot has an extremist agenda.
For more information on Prop B see the special Metrovoice articles exposing HSUS.
You may also visit The Alliance for Truth at and/or
Missourians for Animal Care at

Kerry Messer from Missouri Family Network will be our guest speaker at our next Macon County Patriot meeting scheduled for October 21st, 6:30 @ Los Jimadores Mexican Restaurant in Macon. Please put it on your calendar and invite your friends and family to join us. Questions welcome!

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Forgotten Man

I read about this this morning and it's been on my mind all day. This is one man's interpretation through art of his Lord, his country and American history. His name is Jon McNaughton, he is an artist and a story teller through his paintings. Until now he was best known for "One Nation Under God." 

If you follow that link to the site you can put your mouse over the people, buildings, sky and all images and there is a description about it to the right side of the page. This painting and story has gone viral over the internet over the past year. Very inspirational. 

Jon McNaughton has created another masterpiece called, "The Forgotten Man." 

Again, follow the link to the website and move your mouse over each person, building, sky, flag and each item on the ground. One man's interpretation of the crisis we face in America today, how we got here and the frustration we, The Forgotten Man, feel.

Be sure to also read his responses to the criticism he's received beneath each painting. 
Mr. Jon McNaughton is a true Patriot with the God given talent to express himself, his relationship with his Lord Jesus Christ and his loyal patriotism to the United States of America.

Here is a YouTube of Jon McNaughton describing what this painting means to him. Truly a talented and inspirational Patriot.
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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Obama's 2nd Annual Back to School Speech - September 14th

Washington, D.C. — As students begin their school year, President Barack Obama will deliver his second annual Back-to-School Speech at 1:00 p.m. EDT on Tuesday, September 14 at Julia R. Masterman Laboratory and Demonstration School in Philadelphia, PA, a 2010 National Blue Ribbon School. The President’s Back-to-School Speech is an opportunity to speak directly to students across the country.

Yes, once again Obama feels the school children of America need to see and hear him as they start the new school year. If you remember last year's speech created so much controversy they toned it down before the actual delivery of the speech. Also last year the Department of Education also was criticized for distributing proposed lesson plans with the speech, including a section that later was changed that asked students to write about how they could help the president. This year it's the speech with out the accompanying curriculum.

Like last year, schools are not required to air the president's remarks Tuesday, some are giving parents an opportunity to pull their kids from class during the broadcast. 

Obama will deliver this year's speech from the Julia R. Masterman Laboratory and Demonstration school in Philadelphia. Last week the Department of Education's, Arne Duncan, designated Masterman, as the school is commonly known, as a Blue Ribbon school. That's the federal designation for high-achieving schools or schools that have improved significantly and helped close achievement gaps among disadvantaged and minority students.

Yesterday the Whitehouse released the full text of the speech that Obama will be reading off his teleprompters:

Did you know that when President Bush (41) spoke to a school the Democrats investigated and held hearings? 
In the Comments: 
"Reagan spoke to high school seniors who were already adults and would soon be voting. Bush spoke to ONE school. Obama is doing a MASS distribution to every school age in this country."

Another opinion from the Washington Post:

Personally, I think if they show this in the schools the children should get extra credit for counting all of the self references (I, me, mine, I want, I've, I'm, etc.) are contained in the speech. Add triple extra credits to research the veracity of the Tamerria Robinson story.

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

September 11, 2001

About this time 9 years ago I was sitting right here having my coffee and visiting with the gals from my online quilting group. Kids had all left for school, my husband was out in his shop working it was a very quiet relaxing morning... until someone posted on my screen that a plane flew into one of the Twin Towers. My life changed forever. I can't even imagine how intensely the lives of the families and friends who lost loved ones that day changed. I remember it being the first time I was ever made aware how much another country, a religion I had no knowledge of, hated America. 

I remember calling my children and telling them I wanted them home, NOW. I remember being glued to the television with my family and when the towers fell I remember the terror that pierced every nerve in my body. For the many days after I remember the faces of the family members who vigilantly and faithfully waited by that rubble for any news of their loved ones. I remember the rescuers, America's Heroes, working to the point of exhaustion dedicated to finding any sign of life. I remember the deafening silent skies, both audible and visual. 

And I remember our President made a stand against evil, who called this attack exactly as it was an act of terrorism. A President, a leader, who went down and stood with the Heroes and assured America that we would defeat this evil. A President who faced this evil with prayer, Scripture and resolve.

But I also remember how American's joined together from coast to coast, border to border and became the strength of this great nation once again. No (R)'s or (D)'s, no religion, no political grandstanding, no race or nationality, no good or bad... everyone came together in support. It was a very humbling day for all Americans. An American flag went up on our home and has never come down since this day.

For most Americans, for the rest of our lives when we wake up on September 11th the first thing that will come to our minds is, "Where were you the morning of 9/11." 
As for me and my house... We Will NEVER Forget.

These sites honor this day best: 

Remembering and Understanding 9/11

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Meet Me In St. Louie - 9/12 Tea Party


Join us at the St. Louis Tea Party under the Arch on Sunday 9/12. Tea Party Patriots are organizing a March on Washington from coast to coast. There will be Tea Parties coordinating from Sacramento, St. Louis and DC on Sunday. Come and be a part of the St. Louis portion of one of the largest national Tea Parties in our history. 

Macon County Patriots will be recognized at the opening pre-show program along with other Missouri Patriot organizations.

There are several events planned for the weekend including Phyllis Schlafly's Eagle Council, Citizens Leadership Conference throughout the weekend, American Majority Activist Training, 9/11 Memorial Event, March to the Arch and the grand finale on Sunday with the Gateway to November Tea Party at The Arch.

For directions, hotel accommodations and general information please go to:

I will be updating and posting pictures live from The Arch on Twitter and Facebook

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Restoring Honor - Watch Live Today

CSpan is also broadcasting live. 
Direct TV: Channel 350
Dish Network: Channel 210
From coast to coast, border to border, we share this experience in
America's History together!!
 God bless & protect all who were able to attend this event in DC and those who's hearts are there and recognize the impact this day will have on our lives, our families, our great exceptional country!

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