Wednesday, January 20, 2010

From The Arch To Massachusetts

24th State
Jim Durbin

I don't even remember where I heard about the first St Louis Tea Party.  I knew of Dana, but didn't know much about her politics.  I'd never heard of some guy named Hennessy.  All I knew was the stimulus bill was a huge payoff, unnecessary, and it represented the wrong way in American politics.
So I heard about the Tea Party and headed on down to Arch.  I was alone at the time - while I had work to do - going down was something I figured I needed to do - so I took my phone, tweeted some pictures, and stood in the cold.  I counted the crowd, and said there were 1500 people there.  My method is published in the post.  I shook hands with Ed Martin and Shamed Dogan, met a couple of videographers, and then went home and published.  
We of course didn't know what it meant at the time, but the people who showed at that event, and the subsequent rallies at Kiener, Washington, the health care townhalls, D.C., and Quincy would have an enormous effect on the country's direction. Obama's ratings recorded the biggest drop for any president in their first year.  The Democratic legislature was stymied in its attempt to pass health care by the August recess, and now, six months later, finds itself scrambling... to lose the 41st Senate seat (in frakking Massachusetts of all places).  The media is in complete meltdown mode, pants down and mask off as an irresponsible and unreliable purveyor of spin. 
Whatever happens today and tomorrow, and in the next year, I just wanted to say thank you to all of the folks who organized, attended, and supported the authentic Tea Party events in Missouri and across the nation.
On each day, you stood up and boldy proclaimed that you were free citizens, not cowed subjects. You reminded the Beltway crowd that elections are just part of a representative democracy, and in this country, men and women are free to assemble and petition the government for a redress of their grievances.
I'm going to predict that 2010 is the year the Carnahan name is finally removed from the Missouri body politic, and I believe Ike Skelton has seen the end of his legislative days as well.  I think it will be a very good year for Republicans nationally, but it won't count for anything if we elect a bunch of big state Republicans that are fine with a massive government as long as they are in charge.
We face a very rocky decade.  We need men and women of principle who will make the tough choices to make us solvent and break the dependency of corporate and private welfare.  We need legislators who serve because it is their duty, and not their meal ticket.  We need health care reform that addresses the real problems, and not a single payer in sheep clothing union and donor payoff bill written in secret and passed with bribes. And most of all, we need people who are willing to call out corruption in government at all levels, no matter the party, and no matter the risk to their career.  Breaking the Democratic party is not the point if we replace it with a Republican party that gives our money to a different set of thieves.
If 2009 was the year of the Republican resurgence, then 2011 needs to be the rebirth of the Democratic Party as the party of fiscally responsible liberals who hold Republicans to the promises of country first.  We need two strong parties who respect our laws and institutions.  But in the end, we the people need to recognize that no political party is made of angels.
It is our duty to watch them, and to hold them to account.  We have slumbered enough.  The center can hold, as long as patriots like those who stood shoulder to shoulder with me in the cold last February are willing to serve as the guardians of the Republic and our Constitution.  Thank you for having me in your ranks. 
Let's get ready to go to work tomorrow.
Emphasis & past tense editing mine. 

Thank you, Jim Durbin, for putting into words what we are truly all about, where we have come from and the work we have a head of us!

Last night's victory in Massachusetts was monumental for the Tea Party Patriot movement. The voice of  We The People. The mainstream media has shot themselves in the foot by ignoring our voice because we have become a force beyond their editing.

Comments following Scott Brown's victory 1/19/2010
  • This victory is the shot heard around the world!
  • “There is a revolt going on in this country. Massachusetts will just inspire the patriot movement.” ~Bay Buchanan
  • “I thought it was going to be me against the machine. I was wrong. It’s all of us against the machine. You have shown everyone now that you are the machine.” ~Scott Brown 
  • "How totally fitting that the opening shot against tyranny should once again be fired in Massachusetts!!" ~Take America Back 
Conservatives 4 Palin
January 11, 2010's political reporter Jillian Bandes quotes Matthew Continetti, the author of The Persecution of Sarah Palin,
 "Palin understands the GOP must capture the Tea Party message, enthusiasm, and supporters if it wants to return to power."

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