Monday, January 25, 2010

Principals of Freedom Course


Learn about the United States Constitution and Government from the founding fathers. All the things that are not taught in the schools. The 28 principals of good government. This will be a video lecture utilizing the 5000 year leap book for reference. Bring your own book. If you need a book we will have them available at $5.00 .

Instruction will be conducted at the  

Macon Church of the Open Door  
1604 N. Missouri St. Suite B 
Across the street from Westlake Ace Hardware.

This will be a two day class. Saturday Feb. 6th and  

Saturday Feb. 13th consisting of eight hours of instruction each day beginning at 9:00 AM and ending at 6:00 PM .


  • So that We the People will know and understand what it means when we read the Constitution. 
  • So we will be able to see all the violations of the Constitution that government is committing.
  • So we will know how to vote for good and Constitutional laws and candidates. 
  • So we will no longer remain silent and unrepresented.

This course is being offered at no cost
For more information please call:

David Foster 
(660) 251-1991

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