Tuesday, March 23, 2010

God Didn't Give Us a Spirit of Fear!!

2Timothy 1:7

All day yesterday the words that kept coming across my screen were, fear, depressed, scared to death, death of Liberty, America's death, slavery. The clincher for me was this applauded post on Facebook:
USA - Greatest Country on Earth - Home of the Brave & Land of the Free!!! 
Born: July 4, 1776 Died: Jan. 20, 2009 Buried: Mar 21, 2010
To which I added:
ROSE FROM THE DEAD March 22, 2010

This is where America is at her best ==> Defending Her Freedom!! the only difference is we're now having to learn how to defend from within our borders. So buck up, get over the whining and start FIGHTING!! If you hate it, fight it. If you support it, throw every part of your being into it succeeding.  Be a part of the Sleeping Giant this arrogant administration has awoke!!
Seriously, I don't see this as a roll-over-and-die event for the United States of America. To me, this is where the story gets really really good! Pre March 21st I remember reading several pieces where the authors were hoping they WOULD ignore the People and pass this atrocity. One man said, "A minority in congress + the American People = The Majority."  The overwhelming majority of American's, every Republican and a brave hand full of Democrats opposed this health care monstrosity, they didn't listen.  That doesn't make us suddenly a minority. That should make us bristle up, stand up taller and make the charge toward fighting for what we believe in with all our might. 

I'm more energized now than at the beginning of that lost battle. I spent the day reading and connecting to those who have a positive energy to move forward and a drive to fight to win the next battle. I want to know where to spend the best of my energy. 
I refuse to fly my flag upside down. I chose to pick up my flag and face the charge with more determination and enthusiasm than ever before. Now is the time to seek the face of God, get re-energized in His promises and assurance of, ultimately, Whose I am.

Build yourself back up. Find out where you can best connect and serve. Serve with your time, serve with your knowledge, serve with your monetary support, serve with your talents. It's time to become PRO-active instead of re-active. It's going to get a little uncomfortable. Maybe that's what it takes. It's time to get out of our comfort zones with the idea that everyone else will take care of it. It's personal, it's your fight too. 
Drop the (R), (D), (I), (L) behind your name, be a part of supporting and encouraging one another as we stand together as Americans. I don't personally know any one person who supports the IRS having more control over our lives. Remain arm in arm for Christian convictions. Find a common ground, stand together. The battle is for our freedom. ALL of us. My neighbor with opposing viewpoints is not my enemy. Those are my fellow Americans. They may have different opinions and different hopes for their families, I respect that and expect the same in return. That's what makes us such an incredible Nation, our freedom to pursue happiness by our individual standards. 
This is truly a great day to be an American!
“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.” ~Ronald Reagan

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Missouri Senate Debates HCFA

Join South & Jefferson Counties 912:
Missouri Senate Debates
Health Care Freedom Act
 Wednesday, March 24, 2010
Capitol Building, 4th Floor
Senate Gallery
        Jefferson City, MO

What to expect:
Debate, floor speeches and inquiries have unlimited time in the Senate unlike the House where members are limited to 15 minutes.  The process can be frustrating and takes patience but the Senate is designed to be a slower, more deliberative body. 
Some bills take many hours to debate and some even continue on non-consecutive days.  That is part of the process to take a break and keep coming back to it at opportune times.  However, both you and legislators will be able to see what the opposition is, arguments and specific senators, so we can refocus for the second round and you can get constituents within those specific senator's districts to lobby them.  
The visitors' gallery is for public observation, not participation. Senate rules require no applause, publicly audible responses nor flash photography.
Adherence to the discipline of these rules allows uninterrupted debate and will help our cause. 
We are all so grateful for your interest in this vital legislation that will shield us from the federal mandates and protect our freedoms. 
If you cannot make the trip to Jefferson City, you can listen to the debate live at www.senate.mo.gov.  Click on "live debate.....senate".
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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Swing Votes for the Healthcare Atrosity


This is our last chance to make one more resounding VOTE NO.
Please call as many of these reps as you possibly can. If you go to their websites they also have fax numbers.
Steve Kagen DC: 202-225-5665 Local: 920-437-1954 http://kagen.house.gov
Nick Rahall DC: 202-225-3452 Local: 304-252-5000 http://www.rahall.house.gov
Alan Mollohan DC: 202-225-4172 Local: 304-623-4422 http://www.mollohan.house.gov
Tom Perriello DC: 202-225-4711 Local: 276-656-2291 http://perriello.house.gov
John Spratt DC: 202-225-5501 Local: 803-327-1114 http://spratt.house.gov
Paul Kanjorski DC: 202-225-6511 Local: 570-825-2200 http://kanjorski.house.gov
Christopher Carney DC: 202-225-3731 Local: 570-585-9988 http://carney.house.gov
Patrick Murphy DC: 202-225-4276 Local: 215-826-1963 http://www.patrickmurphy.house.gov
Kathy Dahlkemper DC: 202-225-5406 Local: 814-456-2038 http://www.dahlkemper.house.gov
Zach Space DC: 202-225-6265 Local: 330-364-4300 http://space.house.gov
Mary Jo Kilroy DC: 202-225-2015 Local: 614-294-2196 http://kilroy.house.gov @repmaryjokilroy
Steven Driehaus DC: 202-225-2216 Local: 513-684-2723 http://driehaus.house.gov
Earl Pomeroy DC: 202-225-2611 Local: 701-224-0355 http://www.pomeroy.house.gov
Dan Maffei DC: 202-225-3701 Local: 315-423-5657 http://maffei.house.gov
Mike Arcuri DC: 202-225-3665 Local: 315-793-8146 http://arcuri.house.gov
Bill Owens DC: 202-225-4611 Local: 315-782-3150 http://owens.house.gov
John Hall DC: 202-225-5441 Local: 845-225-3641 x49371 http://johnhall.house.gov
Tim Bishop DC: 202-225-3826 Local: 631-696-6500 http://timbishop.house.gov
Carol Shea-Porter DC: 202-225-5456 Local: 603-743-4813 http://www.shea-porter.house.gov
Dina Titus DC: 202-225-3252 Local: 702-256-DINA http://titus.house.gov
Gary Peters DC: 202-225-5802 Local: 248-273-4227 http://peters.house.gov
Mark Schauer DC: 202-225-6276 Local: 517-780-9075 http://schauer.house.gov
Harry Mitchell DC: 202-225-2190 Local: 480-946-2411 http://mitchell.house.gov @HarryEMitchell
Gabrielle Giffords DC: 202-225-2542 Local: 520-881-3588 http://giffords.house.gov @rep_giffords
Ann Kirkpatrick DC: 202-225-2315 Local: 928-226-6914 http://kirkpatrick.house.gov
Jerry McNerney DC: 202-225-1947 Local: 925-833-0643 http://mcnerney.house.gov
John Salazar DC: 202-225-4761 Local: 970-245-7107 http://www.house.gov/salazar
Jim Himes DC: 202-225-5541 Local: 866-453-0028 http://himes.house.gov @jahimes
Alan Grayson DC: 202-225-2176 Local: 407-841-1757 http://grayson.house.gov @alangrayson
Bill Foster DC: 202-225-2976 Local: 630-406-1145 http://foster.house.gov
Baron Hill DC: 202-225-5315 Local: 812-288 3999 http://baronhill.house.gov

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

2010 U.S. Census - Another Perspective

Saturday, March 13th, we are having an open public forum about the U.S. Census. American citizens (legal citizens) have concerns about many things involving the U.S. Census. Some question the Constitutional rights of having to answer any question beyond how many people reside in a household. Some question where this information goes, beyond what we're told. Some question the organizations involved to gather and use the information to pad their take of federal funds. There are just too many questions out there to not take the opportunity to come to a place and listen to the people who have the facts.
To go along with our census information, reading this perspective was a real eye opener for me and I'd like to share it with you.

March 10, 2010
Posted by streiff

On the Census
Confessions of a
Big Government Squish 
Reading our site here and the right-leaning blogosphere there is a lot of anxiety out there about the 2010 decennial census.
During the 2000 decennial I was an employee of the Census Bureau, I don’t put that out as a boast or qualification but rather in the interests of full disclosure, and I’d like to give you my perspective.
The census is required by the Constitution. [Article 1 Section 2] If fact, if one is a supporter of originalism it is actually one of the few domestic functions of the federal government extant today that is required. It’s purpose is to ensure the mathematical integrity of the House of Representatives and prevent the United States from being infested with a system of rotten boroughs and unrepresented cities which was common in England at the time.
Now a strong case can be made that the Census long form is very intrusive. In its defense one can only point out that a) every question asked is required by federal law to be asked, b) everyone in the Census Bureau knows that the long form is too long, and c) we’ve been on this glide path ever since the Census started asking the names of members of households, their ages, occupations, and places of birth in 1850. One also has to point out that governments at all levels make decisions about schools, hospitals, representation, roads, zoning, land use, etc. based on the federal census. The fact that you don’t like some of those programs or uses of census data is really not germane, the question is do you want those programs to operate based on good information or not-so-good information.
Having said that, there is no legal requirement that you be participate. US Marshals are not going to show up and take you away to be waterboarded if you refuse to participate. If you chose not to, eventually a low-paid, temporarily employed, human enumerator will show up at your house to chat with you. If you turn them away they’ll ask your neighbors the questions about your household that you refuse to answer. So while you have the choice to not cooperate you really don’t have the choice of not being enumerated. It is for that reason that while I am philosophically in tune with the whole declare-your-race-as-American idea (other than the fact that American is a nationality not a race), I think it is doomed to be crushed by the process of physical interviews of households and their neighbors.
Everyone has to use their own prudential judgment in deciding whether or not they will cooperate with the Census. But as you are making that decision you have to decide for yourself how not cooperating moves our cause forward one whit.
There you have it. I confess. I’m a big government squish. I’m a fan of the Census Bureau. I can’t imagine how a developed society functions without a regular census (if you use MapQuest or have a GPS device in your car you also need to think about who actually keeps that underlying database of addresses linked to GPS grid coordinates up to date). My family will participate and do so apologetically. Your choice is yours.

I'd like to encourage you to listen to all perspectives about the U.S. Census. In the end the decision is yours. I know we're all striving to know and understand the truth.

The wise person loves instruction
and seeks the counsel of others.
Proverb 12:15, Proverb 15:14, Proverb 18:15

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Monday, March 8, 2010

U.S. Census & Education RTTT - Saturday 3/13


Saturday, March 13th
10am til Noon
Public Information Forum

What is the census?
What's the difference between the 2010 U.S. Census and 
the American Community Survey (ACS)?
Why is it important to complete the U.S. Census
What does the government do with the information gathered?
Under what Constitutional Authority does the Census Bureau collect information?

Ronni Watkins 
from the U.S. Census Bureau
Coming to Macon to answer your questions about the U.S. Census 
& the ACS Census

Dave Roland
Constitution Lawyer from 
The Show Me Institute 
Also available for questions about the Census
before telling us about the Show Me Institute, who they are and what they do.


Do you want to know more about the Federal program

Andrew Palmer
from Clay County Politics

Andrew will be explaining in detail why this federal program is being referred to as "Race To The Takeover"
of not only our public school system, but any form of educating our children in America.

 This is going to be one of our most informative meetings with excellent speakers. Both of these issues have immediate deadlines so there is no time to waste to get informed with facts and armed with truth. 

Bring Your Questions!!

Saturday, March 13th
10 am til Noon
Northern Star Restaurant
North of Macon
Just past the Comfort Inn on the West side of 63

This event is free and open to the public.

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Education: Race To The Top (RTTT)


Are you a parent? Teacher? Student? This program will change the direction of education in this country forever. 

Darin Morley, Reboot Congress

Kasey Brzycki followed Senator Lembcke's presentation at a meeting about Missouri state sovereignty, Race to the Top (RTTT), and the Governor's Council. [Kasey] is the Education Advisor for the Missouri Sovereignty Project. Kasey became increasingly disturbed about what she read in the 15 page Executive Summary and the subsequent 300 page RACE TO THE TOP application. When you read these documents, pay attention to what this document states. It will allow the wresting of local school board control, unfunded federal mandates, and the underlying premise of this document...Cass Sunstein's assertion (page 10 of the application) that we, as a state, "need to be nudged" to provide excellent education (the theme of the Federal Government) This is an attempt to take away our local power in our schools. Education decisions will be made on a "consortium" level, NOT on your local level. School boards will, in effect, become obsolete.

This document was first given to school boards, superintendents, and teacher union representatives in November 2009. The 300 page document was not yet available, just the 15 page executive summary. By the time the deadline approached on January 19, 2010, the 300 page document was ready, but it is not specific on how these programs are to be implemented, nor how they are to be funded. School districts were pressured into signing because if they did not sign, they would not be considered for these funds. The second round of signatures are due in MARCH 2010. Time is of the essence. Call your school district TODAY. As 99% of Missouri school districts signed on to be considered for these funds, chances are YOUR school district is part of this group.

Folks, this is a 300 page report that not ONCE refers to parents. This is a document that talks about our students as human capital, and our society as social capital. If nothing else in this document gives you pause, these chilling sentences should create concern. Our society is based on "we the people". Our children and we DO NOT serve a consortium of states or a government. People are not commodities to serve the government, the government was developed to serve the people.

The document also refers to the redistribution of teachers. This means highly effective teachers can be transferred to lower performing classrooms to even out the testing results of classrooms. Teachers, YOU ARE NOT PROTECTED BY YOUR UNION. YOUR STATE UNION REPRESENTATIVE SIGNED ON TO THIS DOCUMENT through the local school board levels.

So, what are we to do now? Good question. We are contacting the MO Sovereignty Project for advice, talking amongst our townships, trying to figure out our next step. The first step is educating yourself. I believe our readers do not need a "nudge" to find out what this mandate means for our children and giving away our sovereignty. We can figure out what is happening behind the scenes. We are not stakeholders. We are citizens who are concerned about this push toward federalization of our programs. You need to call your School District today. You need to ask them if it signed on to this document and why. Call your legislator. Call the State Board of Education. Call the governor. Tell your neighbors. This is akin to the ramming through of the health reform bill. Secrecy, vagueness, and sense of "crisis". As 93% of Missouri school districts are performing well, perhaps we should focus on the 7% of the districts which are struggling.

From The Missouri Record, Race To The Takeover: 

Cass Sunstein:  Information and Regulatory Czar
Radical anti-gun, anti-hunting, animal rights activist who believes that animals have the right to legal council, just like humans.
Sunstein wrote the book, "Nudge." The book about us dumb humans, incapable of having a clear absolute thought of our own so we need to have our surroundings and lifestyles made uncomfortable in order to nudge us into the direction the government feels is best for us. 

We have Andrew Palmer, a teacher and blogger at Clay County Politics & Clay County MO Pachyderms, speaking about RTTT March 13th at the Northern Star Restaurant, 10-Noon. I encourage you to come and learn more about this program. 

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