Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Education: Race To The Top (RTTT)


Are you a parent? Teacher? Student? This program will change the direction of education in this country forever. 

Darin Morley, Reboot Congress

Kasey Brzycki followed Senator Lembcke's presentation at a meeting about Missouri state sovereignty, Race to the Top (RTTT), and the Governor's Council. [Kasey] is the Education Advisor for the Missouri Sovereignty Project. Kasey became increasingly disturbed about what she read in the 15 page Executive Summary and the subsequent 300 page RACE TO THE TOP application. When you read these documents, pay attention to what this document states. It will allow the wresting of local school board control, unfunded federal mandates, and the underlying premise of this document...Cass Sunstein's assertion (page 10 of the application) that we, as a state, "need to be nudged" to provide excellent education (the theme of the Federal Government) This is an attempt to take away our local power in our schools. Education decisions will be made on a "consortium" level, NOT on your local level. School boards will, in effect, become obsolete.

This document was first given to school boards, superintendents, and teacher union representatives in November 2009. The 300 page document was not yet available, just the 15 page executive summary. By the time the deadline approached on January 19, 2010, the 300 page document was ready, but it is not specific on how these programs are to be implemented, nor how they are to be funded. School districts were pressured into signing because if they did not sign, they would not be considered for these funds. The second round of signatures are due in MARCH 2010. Time is of the essence. Call your school district TODAY. As 99% of Missouri school districts signed on to be considered for these funds, chances are YOUR school district is part of this group.

Folks, this is a 300 page report that not ONCE refers to parents. This is a document that talks about our students as human capital, and our society as social capital. If nothing else in this document gives you pause, these chilling sentences should create concern. Our society is based on "we the people". Our children and we DO NOT serve a consortium of states or a government. People are not commodities to serve the government, the government was developed to serve the people.

The document also refers to the redistribution of teachers. This means highly effective teachers can be transferred to lower performing classrooms to even out the testing results of classrooms. Teachers, YOU ARE NOT PROTECTED BY YOUR UNION. YOUR STATE UNION REPRESENTATIVE SIGNED ON TO THIS DOCUMENT through the local school board levels.

So, what are we to do now? Good question. We are contacting the MO Sovereignty Project for advice, talking amongst our townships, trying to figure out our next step. The first step is educating yourself. I believe our readers do not need a "nudge" to find out what this mandate means for our children and giving away our sovereignty. We can figure out what is happening behind the scenes. We are not stakeholders. We are citizens who are concerned about this push toward federalization of our programs. You need to call your School District today. You need to ask them if it signed on to this document and why. Call your legislator. Call the State Board of Education. Call the governor. Tell your neighbors. This is akin to the ramming through of the health reform bill. Secrecy, vagueness, and sense of "crisis". As 93% of Missouri school districts are performing well, perhaps we should focus on the 7% of the districts which are struggling.

From The Missouri Record, Race To The Takeover: 

Cass Sunstein:  Information and Regulatory Czar
Radical anti-gun, anti-hunting, animal rights activist who believes that animals have the right to legal council, just like humans.
Sunstein wrote the book, "Nudge." The book about us dumb humans, incapable of having a clear absolute thought of our own so we need to have our surroundings and lifestyles made uncomfortable in order to nudge us into the direction the government feels is best for us. 

We have Andrew Palmer, a teacher and blogger at Clay County Politics & Clay County MO Pachyderms, speaking about RTTT March 13th at the Northern Star Restaurant, 10-Noon. I encourage you to come and learn more about this program. 

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