Monday, March 22, 2010

Missouri Senate Debates HCFA

Join South & Jefferson Counties 912:
Missouri Senate Debates
Health Care Freedom Act
 Wednesday, March 24, 2010
Capitol Building, 4th Floor
Senate Gallery
        Jefferson City, MO

What to expect:
Debate, floor speeches and inquiries have unlimited time in the Senate unlike the House where members are limited to 15 minutes.  The process can be frustrating and takes patience but the Senate is designed to be a slower, more deliberative body. 
Some bills take many hours to debate and some even continue on non-consecutive days.  That is part of the process to take a break and keep coming back to it at opportune times.  However, both you and legislators will be able to see what the opposition is, arguments and specific senators, so we can refocus for the second round and you can get constituents within those specific senator's districts to lobby them.  
The visitors' gallery is for public observation, not participation. Senate rules require no applause, publicly audible responses nor flash photography.
Adherence to the discipline of these rules allows uninterrupted debate and will help our cause. 
We are all so grateful for your interest in this vital legislation that will shield us from the federal mandates and protect our freedoms. 
If you cannot make the trip to Jefferson City, you can listen to the debate live at  Click on "live debate.....senate".
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