Saturday, May 15, 2010

2010 Missouri Legislative Session

Agriculture — Increases some regulations relating to agriculture, including rules concerning large carnivores, but does not create mechanism to allow horse slaughter plants in Missouri. (SB795)

Autism insurance — Requires insurers to cover up to $40,000 a year of behavioral therapy for autistic children until age 18. (HB1311)

Ethics — Limits committee-to-committee money transfers; makes it a crime to obstruct a Missouri Ethics Commission investigation; allows the Missouri Ethics Commission to initiate its own investigations; requires donations of $500 or more during the legislative session to be reported within 48 hours; and makes it a crime for a governor to offer a lawmaker a job in exchange for a vote. Does not reinstate campaign donation limits. (SB844)

College scholarships — Makes state scholarships based on students' needs equal amounts for public and private colleges and universities, beginning in 2014. (SB733) 

DWI — Adds penalties to DWI laws and encourages some DWI suspects to go to special courts. (HB1695) 

Mark McGwire Highway — Strips Cardinals slugger's name from portion of Interstate 70 in St. Louis and renames the stretch for Mark Twain. Also names part of Lindbergh Boulevard in St. Louis County after late car dealer Dave Sinclair. (HB1941)

Blue books — Eliminates hard-bound version of the Official State Manual, known as the "blue book," and removes many old, unused statutes. (HB1965)

Medicaid — Lets state hire a firm to assess home-care needs for elderly and disabled people on Medicaid and makes other changes to save money in healthcare program for the poor. (SB1007)

Health care vote — Sets a referendum for Aug. 2 to let Missourians voice opinions on federal health care legislation approved by Congress. (HB1764)

Bingo — Allows bingo parlors to increase their hours and spend up to 10 percent of their receipts on advertising. (SB940)

Abortion — Adds regulations to Missouri's 24-hour informed consent law. (SB793)

Water patrol — Merges Missouri Water Patrol into Highway Patrol and reassigns Water Patrol officers to highway or gaming duties during wintertime. (HB1868)

Sunshine law — Expands notice for some government meetings from 24 hours to four days for some issues. (SB 851)

K2 — Adds synthetic marijuana substance known as "K2" to Missouri's list of controlled substances. (HB 1472) 

Strip clubs — Regulates sexually oriented businesses and their employees. (SB586)

Tax refunds — Requires state to pay interest on individual income tax refunds held more than 90 days. (HB1408)

Public schools — Adds cyberbullying and electronic communication to public school discipline policies; loosens requirements on professional development spending when aid formula isn't fully funded. Other financing changes were dropped from the bill. (HB1543)


Voter ID/advance voting — Asks state voters to change constitution to allow voter identification requirements and advance voting before elections. (HJR64, HB1966)

Water quality — Seeks to clean up water at Lake of the Ozarks and make structural changes to Department of Natural Resources. (SB2109)

Pensions — Requires state employees hired after Jan. 1, 2011, to contribute 4 percent of their pay toward retirement and establishes investment board to manage pooled pension system portfolios. (SB714, HB2357)

Holidays — Eliminates two state holidays — Lincoln's birthday (Feb. 12) and Truman's birthday (May 7) — to conform to federal holidays and cut back on overtime pay at 24-hour state institutions. (HB1268)

Ford plant — Lets manufacturers such as Ford assembly plant in Kansas City area keep half of their withholding taxes for investing in factory improvements for new products. (HB1675)

Red-light cameras — Bans municipalities from using red-light cameras to enforce driving laws or raise money. (HB2111) 

Adoption — Makes it easier for adoptees to get original birth certificate or gain access to medical information about their birth mothers. (HB1609)

Texting — Bans all Missouri drivers from sending electronic messages while driving. (SB701)

Liquor control — Transfers Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Control to the Department of Revenue and downsizes agency, shifting enforcement duties to local governments. (cut from HB1868)

Income tax — Asks voters to change constitution to phase out state income tax and replace lost revenue with higher sales tax on much broader base. (SJR29)

Police control — Provides for a locally controlled police force for the city ofSt. Louis. (HB1601)

Tax credits — Reorganizes and caps most tax credit programs at $314 million, or 70 percent of the amount redeemed last year, and gives Department of Economic Development control over who gets them. (HB2399)

Education agencies — Asks voters to combine state's two education departments into one department overseen by new Board of Education. (SJR44 and SJR45) 

Clean indoor air act — Prohibits smoking in most public places. (SB904)

Prison consolidation — Reduces state prison population by reclassifying some state crimes and offering incentives for more inmates to go to drug or DWI courts. (SB1014)

Drug testing — Requires drug testing for some recipients of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. (HB1377)

Zoo-museum admission — Allows the St. Louis Zoo, St. Louis Science Center, Missouri History Museum and St. Louis Art Museum to charge admission fees on visitors from outside St. Louis and St. Louis County. (SB903)

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