Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tea Party at the State Fair!

We'll be meeting up at 7-7:30 a.m. They open the gate at 8:00. Once they're in the gate and in the tent, we're done.

It's also half price day at the fair.
Thursday, Aug. 19 — Governor's, Legislators' & Judges Day
Thrifty Thursday
$4 admission all day
Kids age 6 - 12 $1 admission all day
Children age 5 and under FREE everyday

This is the opportunity of the year to let our employees see the faces of their employers, hear our words, shake our hands, look us in the eye and KNOW we're dead serious about our representation. 

Please come and help us send a loud and clear message from America's Patriots. Keep your signs focused on the up coming elections and our representation respectable.
See you at the Governor's Breakfast!!
*bon appetit*

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