Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Speaking of Freedom: On The March in 2011

It's hard to believe but another year has come and gone and 2011 is well under way. And in spite of the cold and snow, Macon County Patriots has hit the ground running. (With some slipping and sliding along the way!)

Many new members have already joined our group this year and we have had one well-attended event, our "Patriots Family Preparedness Course", which was held on January 22nd.

Also in January Sally Weber, Marcia Behr and I were fortunate enough to get to attend an education policy conference, January 27-29 in St Louis, put on by the Constitutional Coalition. The theme was "Courage and Conviction". We saw and heard many great and inspirational speakers such as Rick Santorum, Frank Gaffney and keynote speaker Ann Coulter, (pictured above with me). We look forward to incorporating what we learned into our lives and our work with MCP.

February is going to be very busy with something going on almost every week. From 9 to 5 on Saturday the 12th we will be hosting a "Concealed Carry Weapons Certification Course". (Some restrictions as to age and residency apply and there is a $75 fee.)

Saturday the 19th will find us together again for a course on "The Birth of the Constitution" from 10 to 2. This will be taught by constitutional attorney Dave Roland and promises to be informative and inspirational. (In March we will host another course on the Constitution which will build upon this one. Exact date, time and details have not yet been determined.)

Then, on the 26th, we will be together again to learn about food and water storage and preparation, information that will build upon what we learned in the class on January 22nd.

All these events will be held at the Church of the Open Door in Macon, which Greg and Cyndi Berglund have made available for our use. (Give them a big "Thank You" when you get a chance!) All events are open to the public with lunch provided and, with the exception of the Concealed Carry course, they are free of charge. (Check the website for full details on all these events.)

Freedom is what we're all about at MCP and freedom is on the march in 2011. Hope to see you often at these events as we march forward together.

Richard Cochran, President
Macon County Patriots
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