Thursday, February 10, 2011

Egypt: Thoughts and Observations

Now that Mubarek has stepped down from the presidency of Egypt there is much speculation as to what will happen next and what the implications will be for the rest of the world in general and the US in particular.

One topic of concern is "The Muslim Brotherhood". They will certainly be a major player in determining the form of government that emerges and many are asking, "Are they dangerous?" Absolutely. But not so much for the threat they pose as for the threat they expose.

What I mean is that they are in no position at this time to threaten the US by force. In this regard they pose no threat. But what I believe this "revolution" has exposed is how America is threatened from within.

I say this because, as I've watched the coverage, the comments of most American pols, pundits and press use the words "democracy" and "freedom" interchangeably. They clearly seem to think that as long as "democracy" is involved in the outcome, "freedom" will be the result, and everything will work out great. But a democracy is the worst possible form of government. The Founders understood all to well that a straight democracy leads only to chaos and bloodshed, and opens the door to tyranny. (Think the French Revolution and Napoleon.)

America is the repository of freedom and our system of government is a republican democracy. This is a vital distinction that no one seems to be making. Our principles and the rule of law lead to order, peace, prosperity and security. (Think the Declaration of Independence, the American Revolution, the Constitution and George Washington.)

So the threat that has been exposed is that Americans no longer understand these fundamental things. If this is the case, how much longer can we expect to be free? Maybe a better question is, "Are we even still free?"

I want everyone, everywhere, to experience true freedom. That said, I'm pretty sure this "Egyptian Revolution" is not going to produce it. I'll be watching and hoping that I'm wrong.
If nothing else, I hope this gives us some perspective on how vital the things we are trying to accomplish at MCP are. Please feel free to share your thoughts and/or comments.

Richard Cochran, President
Macon County Patriots
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