Saturday, April 2, 2011

Our Community's Loss

March 31st 2011 our community suffered the loss of Todd Phillips... suddenly... unexpectedly and with heartache in a motorcycle accident.  Todd was a man that knew no strangers, greeted everyone with that familiar smile, a warm embrace and a strong handshake... and a look into your eyes that gripped you.  I don't know if we ever heard Todd speak disparagingly of anyone, it just wasn't in his composition to do that.  He possessed a love of family, community, friends and his country.  His personal, religious and political convictions were strong, vocal and heartfelt. Unwaveringly. Todd earned respect as a Patriot who was willing to put himself into positions where he could express his convictions by serving. His respect and humbleness for those that serve our great country was very strong, he rode with the Patriot Guard Riders to honor our fallen.

He held in his possession a cluster of life experience that most of us would be jealous of, and he built upon those experiences to become everything that Todd Phillips was.

 Our community's loss is huge and felt deeply by all.
Todd, we'll miss your presence among us. 
We'll see you on the other side.

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