Thursday, November 3, 2011

Speaking of Freedom: Venerating Our Vets

Greetings Patriots,
I hope that you are as excited as I am about the opportunity we are going to have on 11-11-11 to honor our veterans. Especially for us non-vets, it will be a small way we can serve those who have served us so sacrificially and so well. Thanks to Sally Weber for responding to the call God placed on her heart to put this together. It is going to be great! If you are a vet, I hope you, (and your spouse if you're married), will come and let us serve you a fine dinner free of charge. (See Sally's post of October, 25 for ticket info.) There will also be musical entertainment and some great speakers. If you're not a vet and are able, please come and help serve them. I hope you'll make plans now to attend.

I wish that was all I had to report but, alas, there is much else going on that concerns us as patriots. In this post I'll be pointing out some of the deceptions and dangers of the so-called "Occupy" movement as well as some of the differences between them and the Tea Party. Here are some of those which I consider to be the most obvious and important ones.

First, the Tea Party has a clearly stated purpose and agenda; constitutionally limited, fiscally responsible government, and a free market economy. By contrast, the goals and objectives of the Occupiers are as many, varied and inconsistent as the participants themselves.

Next, Tea Party gatherings are typically peaceful, respectful, (even reverent), usually leaving the sites of their gatherings cleaner than they found them. Occupy gatherings are typically characterized by chanting, ranting and raving and leave in their wake litter, human waste, damaged property and injuries. This distinction exemplifies what the Founders did and did not intend by the including in the First Amendment the rights to "peaceably assemble" and to seek "redress of grievances".

Finally and perhaps most importantly, the Tea Party is a spontaneous bottom-up, grass roots movement consisting of individuals who know who they are, what they believe and why they are there, brought together by a shared concern for the future of their beloved country.

The Occupy movement is top down, ginned up and largely made up of individuals who do not know why they are there and are demanding that the government give them what they want, whatever that might be. (I would contend that it is an example of the mob mentality I warned of in my post of 7/15/11 entitled "Mr. Potter or George Bailey". You can see that by going and scrolling down to the "Archives" section on the left side of the page.)

To be sure, there are some points the protesters raise that are legitimate and on which both can agree, i.e. we are all against corruption on wall street, (or any other street, for that matter.) But even on those issues, they differ fundamentally about how to address them. The occupiers look to government, as if politicians were pure, uncorrupted and incorruptible. Tea Partiers, realizing that all humans are given to corruption, understand that solutions must originate with individuals practicing true American patriotism, (i.e. doing what is right because it is right, day by day, as best they are able), and that this alone will form a foundation upon which America can be rebuilt.

By way of analogy, here is a comparison for your consideration. Tea Partiers are like family and friends who come together to help see a loved one through a crisis. Occupiers are like the spoiled child protesting that he deserves more than he got in the will. America doesn't exist to guarantee every spoiled child what he thinks he deserves. She was established to be a place where each person can have the opportunity to make of their own life what they will. Opportunity? Yes! Guarantee? No!

[I said in that previous post that it was going to get ugly. Ugly is here! As I write this there is video playing on the news of fires in the streets of Oakland at the Occupy gathering there, and of the Oakland police chief commenting that "anarchists" are circulating through the crowd instigating the chaos.]

Mobs threaten to destroy all that those we venerate on Veteran's Day sacrificed so much to preserve. As they proliferate and expand their activities George Baileys will be needed to stem the tsunami of chaos they will invariably leave in their wake. May we each and all be ready, willing and able to stand up to the onslaught that is coming.

Richard Cochran, President
Macon County Patriots
November 3, 2011
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