Monday, January 30, 2012

CALL TO ACTION: SB706 The Turner-Fix Bill

From Senator Jane Cunningham:
We are getting great initial press coverage on the Turner-fix bill, SB706 (2 page cheat sheet of bullet points attached) and reporters are picking up and accepting our stated goal of making sure all children have access to a quality accredited school while protecting public school districts from being overwhelmed with applicants (just as the St. Louis county superintendents requested).  They are reporting our "dramatic plan offered for failing schools" accurately, clearly and fairly.  Links to articles are below:  
A surprising and most encouraging start!! 
The hearing on SB706 is this coming Tuesday afternoon.

WHAT:  Hearing on SB706, the Turner-fix bill
WHEN:  Tuesday, January 31, 3pm
WHERE:  Senate Committee Hearing Room 1 

If you want to share your 3 minute (or less) comments in person with the committee or submit written comments for the record please contact Senator Cunningham:
(573) 751-1186

If you cannot attend the hearing, you may email your comments or scan a letter and email them by Monday evening, Jan. 30th and they will be included in the committee record for SB706. 

You can also fill out a Witness Appearance form here:

Check the Senate box. Date, January 31, 2012. The bill number is SB706.
Fill out your name, address and phone number. Then down under "Testimony" simply put that you support SB706. You can also include a short statement of your support if you'd like.
Print it out and fax this form to Senator Cunningham's office by this evening: 
Fax: (573) 526-9852

Senator Cunningham MUST have all correspondence in her office by this evening.

Above all please pray for Senator Cunningham as she faces this challenge.

From Missouri Family Network:

State Senator Jane Cunningham is fighting the education establishment on behalf of the many tens of thousands of students trapped in sub-standard failing school districts.  These schools have been dysfunctional for years and bring shame on the Great State of Missouri. But to make matters worse is the added problem of neighboring school districts which don’t want to help these students by allowing them to be placed into their schools.  The labor unions and education elitists will do anything to keep these students from getting help from private schools, while the leadership of our State’s inner city schools seem to be too busy fighting each other over who to blame, throwing each other under the bus in internal political squabbling, and/or refusing to reform their chronic incompetence thanks to the financial benefits of milking the taxpayers for more and more aid.

You can read and follow SB706 here:

We will update this information when Rep. Scott Dieckhaus files this same bill in the Missouri House.

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