Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Speaking of Freedom:The Way Forward

America is in deep trouble. Will she be able to recover? That all depends. While many would like to blame politicians for all the problems, they are really just a symptom of what is wrong. In America, the makeup of the body politic at any given point in time is a reflection of We The People. So, the trouble we are in must be resolved from the bottom up. But how will that happen?

The answer to that question is both simple and difficult. Simple to identify and understand. Difficult to do anything about. But not impossible. It will require that We The People get informed, impassioned and involved. My intent and purpose in this space is to try to bring some clarity that will help us all not be swayed and taken in by all the clamor and confusion coming out of Washington and the media. I hope you will find it helpful. Please let me know where you agree and/or disagree. I am interested in dialogue, not demagoguery.

Let me first, then, attempt to frame the situation. Typically, to a great degree, the media and too many politicians, operate by a divide and conquer approach. This usually ends up being a contest of persons and personalities. This can never solve our problems. You can always find something to like or dislike about anyone. But you cannot rely on persons are personalities. We are emotional beings and as such, unreliable.

But America was founded upon principles. A principle is something that is true for all people, in all places, at all times. The Founders called them "self evident truths". They don't change. They can be relied upon.

So this is the situation. If you and I are to do our job as responsible citizens and pay the price of freedom, which is vigilance, we must not allow ourselves to drawn into the trap of looking to persons and personalities. This will always bring confusion and chaos. Instead, we must learn what our founding principles are and then insist that our politicians acknowledge and adhere to them. This will bring clarity and coherency. We can do this.

In future columns I will attempt to further develop this theme. It is at once this simple and this difficult.

In any society/nation there must be an authority. The only question is who/what will that authority be. It really boils down to whether it will be based on people or principle.

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