Saturday, March 3, 2012

Soeaking of Freedom:I Do Solemnly Swear...

One of the first things that goes through ones mind when we hear of a death is, "How did it happen?" If America is dead, as I've asserted, how did it happen?

You might say that the Declaration is the spiritual heart of America and the Constitution it's physical heart. In 1947 the Supreme Court in Everson v Board of Education in effect declared Article VI of the US Constitution, that part which states, "This constitution...shall be the supreme law of the land, null and void. This ruling declared that, from now on, judges will be the supreme law of the land. At that point America's physical heart ceased beating.

Like in the movie, "Weekend at Bernies", she has since been paraded about as though she were still alive and well, but it has been a charade. She has been dead these 60 plus years. This is because in order for freedom to thrive, the Constitution must be authoritative. It must be the "supreme law of the land". After all, it is not political, economic or military power that gave us our constitution. It was our constitution that gave us all these things. And if these things are t continue, the Constitution must be restored to it's place of authority as the supreme law of the land. So, how will this happen?

Every politician, at least for the time being, says he/she reveres the Constitution. So, how do we know who is who? There was a seminal, sea change event that happened in 1947, which most people have never even heard of, which, as a practical matter, was the death blow to America; the Everson vs " Supreme Court decision. The reason it was so important and deadly is that in that decision the court changed the criteria it used to render its decision. In the past, they had made their rulings based on the original intent of the Framers. In Everson, they ignored original intent and ruled based on judicial precedent. (Never mind that there was no precedent to base the case in question on.) In so doing, the court effectively ruled that the Constitution was no longer the "supreme law of the land", as Article VI declared it to be. From now on, the courts were.

Ever since, the oligarchy of the courts has given us decision after decision,

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