Monday, April 16, 2012

Gun Rights Rally - 2012

Missouri Family Network
Gun Rights Rally 2012

April 18th

Annual Second Amendment Rally
Jefferson City, Missouri 
10 AM - Noon
Capitol First Floor Rotunda

Come hear a lineup of great speakers to inspire you in the effort to expand ourSecond Amendment rights.  Come and share in the company of fellow patriots,and then we will go visit with our legislators.  We will kindly let them know that Missourians do not want our Second Amendment rights to be infringed by the Government.  Come one, come all!  The bigger the crowd the better it helps to show law makers the multitudes of voters paying attention in this election year.

 Sponsored by:
MPS - Missourians for Personal Safety
GCLA – Gateway Civil Liberties Alliance
WMSA – Western Missouri Shooters Alliance
MSSA – Missouri Sport Shooting Association
and others

Need information or have questions?
WMSA Hotline 1-877-333-WMSA (1-877-333-9672)

United We Stand ~ Divided We Fall

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