Sunday, May 6, 2012


Thank You!
Because of the flood of phone calls, emails and faxes we were able
to stop the Prescription Drug Data Base Bill.
From Paul Hamby:

The prescription drug data base bill was stopped tonight.
Thank you for speaking up.  I listened to many of your messages read on the floor of the senate this afternoon and evening.  Very passionate and inspiring messages.  The Senators heard you too.
You made the difference and Liberty wins another round.
For Liberty,
Paul Hamby
Maysville Missouri

From Ron Calzone:

Bills for Government Database to Track Your Prescription Drug Purchases are DEAD!
After several hours of filibuster, the two sides struck a deal that effectively kills both of these liberty stealing bills. The filibuster was handled masterfully and the senate team (listed below) is to be commended, as are the many, many citizens who sent in emails and phone calls of encouragement. A lot of the emails were read on the senate floor .... Your participation really made a difference!

This is the last week of the 2012 General Assembly. Anti-Obamacare bills are moving in the House and Senate. The House version of the Health Care Freedom Amendment passed another milestone in the House General Laws committee last week. (Thank you, Rep. Ward Franz.)

From Missouri First:

HB 1534 (Bahr), which nullifies Obamacare, will have a hearing in the Senate General Laws committee this coming Tuesday.
From there, it goes to the Senate floor for the final votes.
HB 1534 is a full-blown Jeffersonian style nullification of all of Obamacare -- not just the individual mandate. And it has teeth – including the arrest of any federal officials who attempt to enforce Obamacare in Missouri.
We want Missouri to be the first to completely nullify Obamacare! We want to send a strong message to the Supreme Court and the Beltway!
The senate will need LOTS of encouragement to pass this land-mark bill in the short time remaining this session. 

Please fill out a witness form to be presented to Missouri Legislators to represent your support of HB1534.

Click on that link. You'll find that all pertinent information regarding the bill is already filled out. All you have to do is fill out the information in red, which are simply your name, complete address and your email address. Then press the "Submit" button. It's that simple! Once you submit your form you will be able to print a copy of it for your records and you will be represented at the hearing on Tuesday.

Please take the time to be a part of this very important voice where we have been given the opportunity to participate in the making of Missouri Legislation.

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