Monday, May 14, 2012


This is the last week of the Missouri General Session. We have a couple of important bills that will establish statutes to strengthen Missouri sovereignty against Obamacare.

Senate Bill 464 (SB 464):
SB 464 prohibits the establishment, creation, or operation of a state-based health insurance exchange unless the exchange is created by a legislative act, an initiative petition, or referendum. This bill specifically prohibits the establishment of a state-based health insurance exchange by any executive order issued by the Governor.
Since the bill already passed the Senate, it is in the Missouri House where it has received a d"do pass" vote from both the Health Insurance Committee and the House Rules Committee.  As SB 464 goes to the full House floor for debate, Rep Tim Jones will be handling the bill.

We need to call, email, and/or fax our individual members of the House of Representatives and encourage them to pass SB464.  Be sure to thank them for passing previous legislation allowing 71% of Missouri voters to say "no" to ObamaCare, and for helping to stand against Governor Nixon's efforts to create the Health Care Exchanges needed to establish ObamaCare.  Kindly ask them to take the next step in defending Missouri by passing SB 464 before the 6pm deadline on Friday, May 18th (when the 2012 Legislature ends).

Secondly is HB 1534.  This House Bill "declares" State nullification of ObamaCare, and includes some very important statements that can be helpful as this battle continues.  HB 1534 is in the Senate and could come up for debate this week also.  However, SB 464 creates enforceable laws to protect us right away and needs to be our first priority. 

After contacting your House member about SB 464, you can also contact your Senator and ask them to support HB 1534 if it come to a final vote.

Remember:  In the future your childen's children will look back into history - may they see you as one of those heroes who stood tall when the United States and Missouri faced these dark days!

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