Friday, May 18, 2012

Senate Bill 464 PASSES!!

Senator Schaaf Senate Bill SB464
Passes the Missouri House 108-38!!

Tweets from the House floor from United 4 Missouri:

~SB464 Insurance Exchange on the House Floor now!

~Great civics lesson and separation of powers discussion going on the MO House floor right now with Rep Barnes and Richardson!

~Final vote taking place on SB464 Insurance Exchange. Citizens of Missouri will be given another opportunity to say no to OBAMACARE!

----> SB464 gets 108 yes votes and is on the way to the ballot!!! Grassroots activists got her done!
Here's the bill:

You're speaking, they're listening!!

Let's get some thank you calls/emails out to:

Thank you, Senator Rob Shaff (34), Representatives Jay Barns (114) & Todd Richardson (154) Excellent civics lesson!, Representative Tim Jones (89), Representative Ryan Silvey (38).
And thank you Carl Beardon for keeping us up to date on the entire process!

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