Wednesday, August 1, 2012

2012 Primary Elections - August 7th

Missouri Primary Elections are August 7th. I'd like to urge you to research and go to the polls educated. Please check with your family, friends and neighbors and make sure they have a ride to the polls.
Some think the primaries are not important. Primary elections are vital to the processes our Founders set for us. 

Here is a sample ballot that you will see at the polls on Tuesday, August 7th. Remember, for the primary elections you can only vote a straight party ticket, only one party ballot. This sample is of the Republican ballot. You can go to the Macon County Courthouse and get sample ballots of any/all parties. If you click on the image below the full size image should open up.

Macon County Patriots does not endorse candidates but we will support those of our members who are running for an elected position. We will also provide information for events for candidates when requested.

A resource for finding information about candidates on line:

Another excellent resource, one that I highly recommend is The Constitutional Coalition's publication, "Front Line." Modern Cleaners in Macon usually has copies sitting on the counter. The July issue has a candidate survey along with information on the ballot initiative.

Speaking of ballot initiatives, We have one Constitutional Amendment on the ballot. For an explanation and information on the amendment:

There is one Sunday left before the primary. Please encourage others to go to the polls August 7th. Remember, we as Christians have rights and it's up to us to use them and be actively involved to keep and protect our liberties! Speak out!

It's NOT about the Donkey or the Elephant
It's about The Lamb

If you have any questions that I can help with or additional information regarding this election please contact me at:

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