Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Speaking of Freedom:God's Will Be Done

In II Samuel 12, we read of God telling David through the prophet Nathan that, as a result of David's sin, the baby conceived through David's liaison with Bathsheba, would die. David's response was to fast and cry out to God to spare the boy. His reasoning was that, as long as the boy was still alive, there was a chance that God might change His mind and he resolved to do everything he could until the outcome was known for sure.

It did not end for David as he had hoped, because the boy finally died. When he found out, though, he got up, washed, ate and went on with life.

Our nation is under a curse and deserves to be judged for our sins against God. But, until we know His verdict for sure, we, His people, must do all that we can to beg His forgiveness and mercy. Fasting and prayer are the most effective and earnest ways we can do so.

September 27 through November 5 are the final 40 days before the election. The home stretch, if you will. The outcome is very much in doubt and the stakes for our beloved country could not be higher. We all want to do all that we can, so I would like to encourage every one who is a Christian to prayerfully consider fasting and praying to God for mercy on our nation during these final 40 days. Then, on November 6th, we'll have our answer.

God's will be done.

Richard Cochran
Macon County Patriots
September 26, 2012
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