Saturday, September 29, 2012

Speaking of Freedom:Progressivism's Fatal Flaw


As I recently wrote, “progressives” in America today seek to supplant the Constitution. They reason that something devised in such a different time could not possibly be adequate in such a fast-moving, industrialized, technological age. They contend that the checks and balances built into it are too restrictive and cause the wheels of government to grind too slowly. As such, it cannot be responsive enough to the needs of the nation as they arise.

Their remedy to this so-called problem is the administrative state, i.e., bureaucracies. By placing the practical, day to day administration of government in the purview of various departments, it separates the workings of government from the messy political process and leaves it unencumbered by those bothersome checks and balances. That’s their theory.

While we would all like to see a more efficient and responsive government, the progressives approach is will not work. The fatal flaw of their plan is their upside down view of human nature which leads them to believe that unelected, unaccountable human beings can be trusted with that kind of power and money.

The Founders labored under no such delusions. In fact, their understanding of the flawed nature of human beings is the very reason they built the checks and balances into the system, and the primary reason it worked so well for so long. 

Without question there has been more human progress in the 200 plus years since America came into being than in all recorded history up to that time put together. This is no coincidence. It is directly attributable to the Founders and the Constitution they devised. How ironic that the very Constitution today’s “progressives” so lament facilitated all that amazing progress!

The actions of progressives today are stifling economic and societal progress. If they are not stopped, and soon, they will soon and quickly “progress” us irrevocably back to the dark ages. The best and quite probably last opportunity to do that will be November 6, 2012. Remember that when you go to the polls.

Richard Cochran
Macon County Patriots
September 29, 2012

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