Tuesday, October 23, 2012

40 Days of Prayer - Day 26

Remembering God

Psalm 9:17

The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.

Founding Father Quote:

“If the time ever comes when we shall go to pieces, it will . . . be . . . from inward corruption - from the disregard of right principles . . . from losing sight of the fact that ‘Righteousness exalteth a nation, but that sin is a reproach to any people’ [Proverbs 14:34]. . . .[T]he secession of the Southern States in 1860 was a small matter with the secession of the Union itself from the great principles enunciated in the Declaration of Independence, in the Golden Rule, in the Ten Commandments, in the Sermon on the Mount. Unless we hold, and hold firmly to these great fundamental principles of righteousness . . . our Union . . . will be ’only a covenant with death and an agreement with hell.’”  
-Francis Grimke

Father, we have allowed spiritual darkness to overtake our nation while we sat idly by.  Everywhere we turn, there is discord and confusion.  We have given the enemy free reign to attack us in our homes, in our schools and in our places of business.  We have allowed the worship of other gods and the free expression of other religions to infiltrate these United States.  We have forgotten You, oh God.  We ask that You forgive us for our foolishness, and heal our lands; not that we deserve it, but because we serve a merciful God.  Make us a land full of servants living in fear of You and only You.  May our pulpits once again be filled with Godly men called to action.  May we seek out that which is good and abstain from that which is destructive.  We are called to meditate on Your Word day and night.  As we return to a praying nation, may the sacred Scriptures once again fill our hallways, and return us to “one nation, under God, indivisible, with justice and liberty for all.”  Amen.


As I gaze towards heaven, Lord, I see you.
As you gaze towards this earth, you see me.
You see all the nations of the world.
Psalm 33:13-14

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