Wednesday, November 28, 2012

In my last post, which was the day after the election, I said there would be more to follow but I haven't been able to write since that fateful event. I am finally beginning to get my feet back under me so, here goes.

My day-after-the-election post elicited some responses which I would like to mention. First, I want to thank everyone who offered encouragement. Apparently, some got the idea that I was giving up, but I assure you that was never the case. I was also somewhat taken to task for my comment that "America is over", so I'd like to explain what I meant by that.

America was established as a constitutional republic which means, by definition, that the Constitution "shall be the supreme law of the land", (Article VI). In other words, it must be authoritative. That American exists today only in the minds, hearts, memories and imaginations of some people. This is because the Progressives/Liberals have been undermining the Constitution and its authority for over a hundred years. Barack Obama's re-election means that the "fundamental transformation of America" that progressives have long dreamed of and that he, Obama, promised in his 2008 campaign is now complete. As such, the Constitution has been effectively rendered null and void, and "America is over". 

Put another way, the Founders designed our political institutions to rest upon the twin pillars of morality and religion, (specifically Christianity). They knew the experiment would succeed or fail based upon the extent to which the people would do what is right because it is right. The fact that a president with an abysmal record running a campaign based upon pandering and personal attack was successful over one that appealed to our founding principles shows that We The People have failed in this sacred responsibility. That is another and more significant way that "America is over".

I say all of this because I believe we must have a realistic view of our circumstances as we go forward. I have never thought politics was the answer. More often than not, it is the problem. Even so, in an election year I thought we should be involved so as to try and affect the outcome. Now that it is over, it is my view that we must now focus our energies on what will work. What is that?

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the true rock upon which this country was founded. If America is to be restored, it can only be through repentance, i.e., turning back to Him. As such, my future posts will be directed at trying to help advance that cause.

The America of the Founders was established by God, perhaps in part to give a glimpse of Heaven on earth. Ultimately He will take His children to a place so wonderful as to make America, even idyllic America, seem like Hell on earth by comparison. In the meantime, our job is to "trust and obey". There really is no other way. "Even so, come Lord Jesus".

Richard Cochran
Macon County Patriots
November 28, 2012

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1 comment:

  1. So are you saying we, as Christians, should no longer be poltically involved?
    Also I don't understand how obama's re-election means the Constitution is null and void when we have a Republican majority in the House who, most, still base their jobs on following the Constitution. Not all, I know that, but we have representation who are willing to lay down their lives to follow their oath to the Constitution.
    And are you saying there is no hope left, because of this re-election, of ever turning our country back around. Continuing to pray and give the battle to the Lord is a waste of our time and energy as American citizens?
    Are we doomed with-in the state of Missouri? Is it a waste of time to continue to fight for state sovereignty and stand against the federal gov't?
    So we as Christians are not called in any way to be a part of "the fight" for our Republic?
    Our "job is to "trust and obey" and who defines exactly what that means for each individual believer?
    I realize your post is your opinion, but I'm sincerely not understanding the "leadership" behind what you believe is where we stand today.