Thursday, November 1, 2012

Speaking of Freedom:Election

I have not posted in a while largely because the wonderful "40 Days of Prayer" posts that Sally has been sharing with us have said it better than I could. That said, I want to share a few thoughts before the election.

The seemingly endless election marathon is in the home stretch. In 5 more days the verdict will be in and that verdict will have far-reaching effects. All of the candidates and multiplied thousands of grassroots people have been working hard to affect the outcome. The thing I want to point out at this time is that, however the election turns out, our work will not be done. What the election will determine for us as patriots is what the nature of our work will be going forward. Here's what I mean.

As bad as the economy is, it can get a lot worse. Many investors are holding back and many businesses are holding on. They can make it until January. They cannot wait 4 more years. As a result, depending on the  outcome, there will be an almost immediate upturn or downturn in the economy and the national mood will be one either of gloom or of optimism. There will be pain either way because we have not yet suffered the consequences of actions already taken. But in one event, we will be able to recover, in the other we will not. In that case, we will be headed for times that will make the Great Depression look like a walk in the park by comparison. 

But beyond the economic implications, there is still a more serious thing to consider and that is that it would mean that the American experiment has ultimately failed. In that case, everything changes and our work will be to survive in post-freedom America. I know that is a bleak assessment, but I believe it to be an accurate one. 

In the event of a favorable outcome, our work as patriots will be to continue to educate our fellow Americans so as to not allow our country to be brought to the brink of utter self-destruction again. In many ways this is the more difficult task because there is a tendency to sit back and rest on our laurels, as if the war were over. While it is altogether fitting that there be a time of celebration, we must not allow ourselves to fall into that mindset. This election is a battle. A big, big, big battle. But the war will go on.

As disheartening as this message might sound, it is intended to be an encouragement. Remember that we have each other. And, as Sally's posts have reminded us, God established this nation and He still cares about her. While we don't deserve His blessing, we can be so bold as to ask for it because He is a God who forgives. And He is the God of the resurrection. So we must diligently seek His forgiveness, obey His commands and accept His verdicts. In the meantime, we must never give up. Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever give up. 

Richard Cochran
Macon County Patriots
November 1, 2012

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