Sunday, February 3, 2013

Representative Tim Remole, District 6

On November 6, 2012 Republicans across the newly drawn 6th district elected local businessman and leader, Tim Remole, as their State Representative. Representative Remole’s "campaign focused on creating jobs for the 6th District.  He has pledged to work to remove overbearing regulations that are strangling small business success and to work with businesses and economic developers to create a business-friendly environment in Missouri."
It's important that we, the citizens of Linn, Macon, and Randolph counties work together with Representative Remole, to build a better future for our district and for Missouri.

Let's be a part of Representative Remole's term in office by communicating, encouraging and working with him.

To stay informed directly from Representative Remole's office, subscribe to his newsletter by contacting:

To reach Representative Remole:
Phone: (573) 751-6566

You can also contact him by mail at:
The Honorable Tim Remole
MO House of Representatives
201 West Capitol Avenue
Room 201G
Jefferson City, MO 65101

Please visit his official website at:

Get familiar with this page to see what committees our Representative serves on as well as bills he is currently sponsoring and/or co-sponsoring:

Connect with Representative Remole on Twitter:

Also like him on Facebook:

"The differenece between a politician and a statesman is: a politician thinks of the next election and a statesman thinks of the next generation."
James Freeman Clarke
February 1870

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