Monday, February 4, 2013

Right to Work Hearing Wednesday 2/6

From Missouri First:

Did you know that the Missouri has "Right to Work" in the state Constitution?
That's right, Article I, Section 29 says, "That employees shall have the right to organize and to bargain collectively through representatives of their own choosing."
Properly applied, that means even if 99% of the employees at a company choose to form the XYZ Union, the other 1% (or any individual) still has the right to choose someone else -- including themselves -- to represent them. The Constitution declares an individual's right to either join the union or refrain from joining the union a majority of his coworkers formed.

So why is Missouri not considered a "Right to Work" state?

It's because our state legislature has thus far failed to do their duty to protect the rights of Missouri workers from an unconstitutional federal law [link is a .pdf file] from 1935 (The National Labor Relations Act, aka "Wagner Act").

That will change if HB 77 (Rep. Eric Burlison) becomes law.

Commonly known as "Right to Work" or "Employment Freedom," this bill will have a public hearing in the Workforce Development and Workplace Safety Committee on Wednesday, Feb. 6th in Jefferson City.

Although polls indicate most union members don't think anyone should be forced to join a union, their leadership will fight this bill tooth and nail!

Your help is needed!
Please either attend this hearing or, if you can't make it, fill out the online witness form which will be presented with hundreds of others at the hearing. Include your own comments on the form

Workforce Development and Workplace Safety Committee
Date: Wednesday, Feb 6th
Time: 8:00 a.m.
Room: HR 5 (Basement of Missouri Capitol)
Witness Form Link: has developed an online Witness Appearance form that is legally accepted as your voice in these hearings if you are unable to attend. The information for this hearing is completed on the form. Only the areas in red are required from you. You can include your own comments as well. When you scroll to the bottom of the form you'll see an area to include your email address, this is optional. When you press the submit button the form is emailed directly to Missouri First and hand carried into the hearing.

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