Saturday, March 16, 2013

Macon County Lincoln Day Dinner

Macon County
Lincoln Day Dinner
United States Senator
Roy Blunt
Keynote Speaker
Special Guest Speaker
Conservative Activist, Mark Muller
Notorious proprietor of Max Motors
"Ameria's Car Dealership"
Home of the annual promotion where
you get a AK-47 or $500 in fuel  with a new car or truck purchase.
Butler, MO
State Senator Brian Munzlinger and
State Representative Tim Remole
will also be speaking at this event
Saturday, April 6th
6:00 pm
Meet & Greet 5:30
Macon Comfort Inn, Macon MO
1821 N. Missouri (Hwy 63 N)
Prime Rib Dinner
$30 Donation
For Information Contact:
Bonnie Morris
(660) 385-5002
There will be an auction following the speakers
featuring items and offers from local businesses.
Here's a sneak peak at one of the items that will be up for auction:
Civil War Log Cabin Quilt 
There are almost 1,100 pieces in this quilt.
Approximate size 72" x 92"
Pieced & Quilted by Sally Weber
All proceeds from this event go toward electing local candidates who support:
  • 2nd Amendment Rights
  • Energy Independence
  • Debt Reduction
These are very troubling times for our country. We are 16 trillion dollars in debt and the federal government still has an out-of-control spending problem. Our 2nd Amendment rights are under constant attack by Obama and his socialist allies. Without a doubt, Obama's recent re-election is a real threat to the United States of America as a free constitutional republic.
My friends, we cannot at this critical time in our country's history give up and do nothing. That is exactly what Obama wants. All it takes for tyranny to flourish is for good men and women to do nothing. As Republicans we must stand strong and together at this important time  and in the future.
Stand for freedom. Stand for strong Republican principles. Please accept this invitation to attend our annual Lincoln Day Banquet.
Rick Shoemaker
Macon County Republican Central Committee
"God, Guns & Guts"
featuring Mark Muller will also be available!

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