Friday, March 1, 2013


Drivers Licenses, I.D. Cards 
and Concealed Carry Permits!!
From Missouri Family Network:
The Missouri Department of Revenue redirected local Driver's License offices to scan all your 'source documents' including photo, birth certificate, SS card, and CCW certificate, and send them in to a national Homeland Security database so those identification documents can be traced through your driver's license or non-driver's license cards! Welcome to Big Brother's big back yard!

You can do something about your driver's license being used as a national ID card or "walking papers". Email for all the details on DOR's illegal actions and what you can do about your privacy being violates by this State agency!

There's a lot to read but it's all valuable information that you need to know! MFN's phones have been ringing off the hook, most people want to know, "What do we do about it?!" Please take the time to read all the information MFN has put together for us to take action.

And finally...

It wasn't until I read the information from Missouri Family Network that found out Missouri was changing their licenses.

From KMBC News:

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. —Missouri drivers will see changes in their driver's licenses beginning this year.
The Department of Revenue said new licenses will have security features, such as special printing, laser perforations and bar codes. The state said the changes are designed to protect the owner's identity and fight fraud.
The state also plans to issue temporary licenses at licenses offices, and drivers will receive their permanent licenses in the mail seven to 10 days later.
And drivers under the age of 21 will get vertical licenses.
The revenue department said the new licenses will be phased in by April and will be provided at no extra cost.


An interesting article I found on it:
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