Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Call To Action!! Senate Hearing Tomorrow HB436

Second Amendment Preservation Act
HB 436
Establishes the Second Amendment Preservation Act which rejects all federal acts that infringe on a Missouri citizens' rights under the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution
Having passed the House of Representative with a resounding veto-proof majority of 115 to 41, HB 436 now goes to the Senate.

HB 436, the Second Amendment Preservation Act, now has a hearing scheduled at
2:00 pm, Wed. April 24th
This is very fast movement by senators who are serious about protecting your rights! (Thanks to Sens. Tom Dempsey and Brian Nieves)

This is a special hearing and there will be VERY LITTLE time for testimony, but a strong statement can be made by simply being there. If you are unable to attend

Please fill the witness form following this link:

It's simple, just fill in the boxes marked in red, add your comments if desired and hit the "submit" button at the bottom of the form. If you want updates on the progress of this bill, include your email address at the bottom of this form. Once you submit the form you'll get another screen with the option to print a copy for your records.

This online form is a legal record of your voice that will be hand carried into the hearing by Missouri First.

Details about HB 436 & SB 325
From Missouri First

Since the 10th Amendment makes it clear that all powers not granted to the federal government are reserved to the states and the People, the regulation of the ownership of arms is a state, not a federal matter.
That applies to ALL such regulation.
We must demand from our legislators no less than the strongest, most principled stand they can take to defend our right to keep and bear arms!
Rep. Doug Funderburk and Sen. Brian Nieves' "Second Amendment Preservation Act" is the strongest and most principles protection of the right to keep and bear arms in the nation.
Notice that it utilizes the words of Thomas Jefferson and James Madison to explain Missouri's authority to nullify unconstitutional federal edicts within her borders. Including this language is essential to the success of the bill. It also specifically lists the types of things we will not put up with, and that's what gives state officials the "cover" they need to enforce the bill.



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