Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Speaking of Freedom:

Some observations about the goings on in Jefferson City, Washington DC and America these days. Proposition 1: The lawless have become the law. Proposition 2: The watch dog press has become the lap dogs of, and attack dogs for, the left.

On Prop 1: In America and Missouri today; in the executive branch of government in both DC and JC, lawless men have been entrusted to execute our laws. I call them lawless because they obviously recognize no authority but themselves and they are willing and eager to run rough shod over the legitimate law, i.e., the respective Constitutions.

They are able to do this because there is in place in America today an administrative state that the Progressives/Liberals have been over 100 years building. These bureaucracies at all levels of government make it possible to completely circumvent the respective constitutions and to do so, if not with impunity, with the assurance that any accountability will come too late to prevent the their agenda from being implemented.  This is a risk they are more than willing to assume.

All that has been lacking for this administrative state to become the effective law of the land was for executive officers who have no compunction about doing so to assume those offices. Such men are now in charge in both DC and JC, not to mention many other places in America today. Thus, the lawless have become the Law. The fox has become the guard of the hen house.

All of this exposes one of the major flaws with the administrative state as it exists today; bureaucrats can act independent of any oversight or accountability until after the fact.We are fortunate in Missoouri to have good people in control of our legislature and they are trying to combat this, but not knowing what the governor is going to do next, and with an Attorney General who is clearly complicit in these shenanigans, all they can do is react. Few things better illustrate this fact than the current debacle in which state officials illegally turned over personal information on law-abiding Missouri citizens to the federal government.

Prop 2: The aforementioned state of affairs could not have happened unless the press had abdicated their sacred responsibility as the watch dogs of liberty. Clearly the media have by and large become lap dogs in that they sit idly by and refuse to report anything that might reflect badly on their allies; attack dogs in that they go after anyone on whom their handlers sic them, mostly anyone who would dare speak up against them and/or their agenda.

Something tells me that these bureaucratic overreaches are a lot like cockroaches; for every one you see, there are a hundred you don't. That's my two cents worth for today. What say you ?

Richard Cochran
Macon County Patriots
April 24, 2013

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