Thursday, December 25, 2014

Blessed & Merry Christmas 2014

My prayers and hopes for you are that you take the spirit of this season throughout every single day and that with each new day a relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ is strengthened and sustaining. If you haven't yet had the revelation of the difference between relationship and religion, I pray that you are renewed by the revelation of His love and His desire for you to know Him & include Him in your life.
An Abundantly Blessed & Very Merry Christmas!

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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Measures for the November 4, 2014 ballot

Amendment 2
Allowing Prior Sex Crimes with Minors to be considered by courts

Proposes amending the Missouri Constitution to allow relevant evidence of prior criminal acts to be admissible in prosecutions for crimes of a sexual nature involving a victim under eighteen years of age. 
From HJR 16 (5/17/13)
Sponsor Rep. John McCaherty (R – High Ridge)
Our response: This is a tough issue as we are “innocent until proven guilty.” This does not protect those that were simply accused of prior criminal acts without charges filed. Luckily  the courts may decide what is relevant and what provides danger of unfair prejudice.  
We cautiously suggest a “yes” vote.

Amendment 3
Ending Teacher Tenure

Proposes a constitutional amendment prohibiting public schools from entering into new contracts having a term or duration in excess of three years with certificated staff with other provisions.
From: Initiative Petition 2014-024
Citizen Sponsor: Marc Ellinger
Our response: While we are supportive of education reform, this initiative limits local control for education. We support performance standards. However, schools should decide which teachers to hire and fire and the process thereof.
We suggest a “no” vote. 
Amendment 6
Enacting Early Voting

Proposes amending the Missouri Constitution to permit voting in person or by mail for a period of six business days prior to and including the Wednesday before the Election Day in all general elections.
From: HJR 90 (5/14/14)
Sponsor: Rep. Tony Duggar (R – Hartville)
Our response: We support the premise behind putting this on the ballot at a time when the legislature thought a six-week-free-for-all was going to be placed on the same ballot through initiative petition. If this was “no excuse absentee voting,” we would be for it. However, the portions of the proposal that talk about local election authorities having judges on staff for the six days of early voting raises questions of whether or not it is worth the expense.
We suggest a “no” vote. 

Amendment 10
Overriding Budget Withholds by Governor

Proposes amending the Missouri Constitution to include language relating to a governor’s fiscal management authority. 
From: HJR 72 (5/16/14)
Sponsor: Rep. Todd Richardson (R - Poplar Bluff)
Our response: Regardless of who is in power, checks and balances are healthy for government. We support the legislative being able to override the governor on whit holds and oppose recent actions by Gov. Nixon to withhold some appropriations for political purposes.
We suggest a “yes.” vote. 

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Wolves in Sheep's Clothing
Brian Tharp is on the loose again. 

From Duane Lester:
Friends in Missouri's Sixth District, if you are following Brian Tharp on the Facebook Page "Missouri's 6th Congressional Citizens for Community Action, thinking he is a Tea Party Conservative or a Libertarian, you are being misled.
I don't know what his agenda is, but it certainly isn't to promote liberty. It appears to be more a vendetta against Rep. Sam Graves and anyone he supports. For example, he's claims he's voting for the Libertarian Party candidate this Tuesday, but at the same time, he's promoting Dr. Bob Stuber, a far left Democrat candidate for State Senate. Stuber is running against Sen. Rob Schaaf, a solid conservative, liberty minded Republican who, it just so happens, was endorsed by Rep. Graves.
He's also hammering Rep. Graves for voting to cut funding for a bunch of unConstitutional social welfare programs, while at the same time saying he's conservative/libertarian.
Did I mention Tharp lost the primary to Graves?
Don't be hoodwinked by Brian Tharp. He's not promoting freedom.
Stay alert!

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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Missouri's Raw Diehl

Ron Calzone of Missouri First has a petition to the Missouri House of Representatives to be signed by citizens of Missouri opposing the election of State Representative John Diehl to the position of Missouri Speaker of the House.

There is a lot of reading to be done to understand why some of the most important bills, that a huge majority of Missourians fought for and supported, failed after progressing successfully through the legislative process.  Ron Calzone (2nd Amendment Preservation Act), Stacey Shore and Jill Carter (Common Core), Laura Hausladen (Missouri’s Coalition for Transparent and Secure Elections) have summarized where these bills failed and who, in power, is responsible for them failing.

John Diehl is a concern to parents fighting Common Core, defenders of the 2nd Amendment, citizens who insist on due process and oppose red light cameras, people fighting for paper ballots and fair elections, and many others.   Please read the detailed reports on how John Diehl has affected each of those issues just this year alone.

Report:  John Diehl Killed the 2nd Amendment Preservation Act
Report:  John Diehl was an obstacle in the fight against Common Core
Report:  John Diehl not only didn't help stop red light cameras, he tried to legalize them.
Report:  John Diehl told citizens fighting for fair elections, "I don't care what the people want.”
Excerpt from the petition:
Among our grievances are Representative Diehl's lack of response toward -- and even obstruction of -- legislation that has clearly had very broad based support.
·         Obstructing the passage of meaningful public education reform legislation which would protect the rights of students and parents
·         Killing the Second Amendment Preservation Act by refusing to take up and pass either of two bills the Senate passed, but instead disingenuously amending one so it would return to the Senate with only 20 minutes left in the legislative session – certain death for the bill
·         Standing with old business cronies who profit from unjust red light cameras designed to fleece motorists
·         Siding with the companies that profit from Missouri's use of electronic voting machines, and resorting to heavy-handed tactics to block widely popular legislation that would have made the truly auditable paper ballot the official ballot in Missouri

Please educate yourself on this issue and join the hundreds who have already signed the petition asking our Representatives to elect someone other than John Diehl as the next Speaker of the House. Missouri First is delivering this petition to every member of the majority caucus.

Go here to sign the petition:
Speak now, or our voice won't mean much for a long time.

For liberty,

Ron Calzone, director
Missouri First, Inc.

Follow the money:

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Find Lynn Messer

The story:

Please follow the Find Lynn Messer Facebook page for updates and posts on how you can help:

If you click on the above picture, and then click to enlarge it you'll get a large enough format to print out the missing poster. Please print as many as you like and post them at your place of work, stores, restaurants and as many public places you can. 

And PLEASE keep the Messer family in your prayers, on your church prayer lists and prayer group chains! 

Pray for the safety and health of the many volunteers who are diligently committed to organizing and carrying out the ongoing search efforts. 

From Kerry Messer:
1. That the Lord keeps Lynn under the mighty shelter of His arm! (Note when God's Word speaks of His moving against His and our enemies that the Bible speaks of the power of God's finger - But when He cares for and protects those He loves, He uses His whole arm!) Please protect and comfort her as only You can!

2. That the Lord of all Comfort will help us receive His grace and the peace that passes all understanding - especially those closest to Lynn. Please focus prayers especially for Lynn's Mother, her loving sisters and their dedicated husbands (who are pouring their prayers and their lives into our desperate situation. And most of you already know of Lynn and my two sons and daughter-in-laws; but please hold up our seven (7) grandchildren, especially this weekend (which holds the keys to some very deep and lasting memories these children will carry for the rest of their lives!)

3. That everyone aware of the events of this week - from those closest to it all, to those who will only hear about it years from now - may see the grace of God in ways that each person can understand and grow from. All those from close family and friends to the complete strangers offering help - Lynn would do anything for you to understand that the answer to life's biggest challenges is Jesus Christ. Lynn is just as human and struggles with her own areas like anyone else, but she has consistently shared her faith in the Lord as the path to peace and ultimate victory!

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Monday, August 4, 2014

August 5th - VOTE!

This is it. Missouri Primary Election is tomorrow. Please be an educated voter, it's your voice! Don't vote out of fear, vote out of knowledge and conviction. 

I posted a summary of all 5 Ballot Issues last week:

A few final thoughts:
Amendment 1: 
"The opposition to the amendment has done their job well, to spread confusion and discourse." Jace Weber. 
The best and most accurate summary I have received on Amendment 1 was posted by Rep. Paul Curtman, a man, a Statesman, that I highly respect. Arguments against this amendment are addressed as well. Please take a few minutes to read and then make your decision:!Why-Im-Voting-YES-on-Amendment-1-Right-to-Farm/c200n/1C140BB8-A73A-4903-A010-854F9F8B35B5

I've been contacted by several Macon County Patriots in the 3rd District (Adair, Putnam, Sullivan, Mercer counties) who have been engaged in past legislation, watchdogs for representative and senator votes and diligent in staying educated on the issues. I might add, not on Facebook, but on the front lines locally and in Jefferson City. I am posting this for those in the 3rd District. 

Dr. Bailey has posted the sources of all of the information. I like that in a candidate. There was a candidates forum recently, you'll find information from that and more on Dr. Bailey's FB page:

Nate Walker's page:

Last but not least, I posted about Wolves in Sheep's Clothing and I thought I'd follow up with the other candidates on the ballot. 

Kyle Reid,  this is all I know about him:
Excellent article.  I couldn't agree more with the headline, but this is all I know about him. Not enough to base an educated vote on. 

Christoper Ryan, I have never received one piece of literature or any information on him at all. I have no idea who he is.

Sam Graves (Incumbent)
I know there are a lot of people dissatisfied with Sam Graves, disappointed for some valid reasons. Here is what I know about Congressman Graves:

  • He has fought diligently against Obama’s policies, taxes & Obamacare (pro free market)
  • Fought federal Common Core regulations
  • ALWAYS stands up for our 2nd Amendment
  • Fights the EPA to protect farmers and businesses
  • Comes from rural Missouri, he is a farmer. He lives and understands the rural way of life.
  • Made sure numerous Veterans have received due recognition.
  • Has worked to help our Veterans get assistance from the VA. 

And, the number one reason I like Sam Graves: He makes the liberal progressives want to drive pencils thru their eyes on his Facebook posts!

Fools have no interest in understanding; they only want to air their own opinions. Proverbs 18:2
There are about 6-8 regular fools that latch on to his posts.

Comments are open to encourage questions and civil dialog. 
Please take the time to read, research the issues, stake out a position.   

Vote on August 5th!

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