Saturday, March 29, 2014

Progressive Environmental Activists.... Time to Push Back!

I believe our best weapon against the progressive push is Education and Activation. While we've been on the Common Core, 2nd Amendment, DOR, Agenda 21 and countless other fights in Missouri, this very important issue, which affects all Missourians, has slipped the news.
Get educated on the issue:
West Lake Landfill, Bridgeton, MO
- After 30 years of extensive research, in 2008 the EPA had a plan to encapsulate the site forever with $10 million in the federal budget for it. The EPA plan would have been completed today.
- In 2009 progressive activists successfully persuaded the EPA to put its proposed clean-up plan on hold in order to conduct additional testing, calling for excavation of the landfill. The progressive activists evacation plan would take more than 40 years to complete costing TAXPAYERS more than $100 million and exposing communities along the transportation route to radiological contaminants.
The Missouri Torch has done some very informative reporting on this issue. Additional links are on those pages.
Next, get actively involved in the solution:

It's simple, fast and it's very effective in this fight against the progressive activists. Please go to this site and register your voice. Your email address is for registration to the sight. It will NOT be used for political contact of any kind.  This is an organized coalition for your voice to be heard. You must register to take action:
Once you register you can go to a page with a pre-formed letter to send to Rep. Sam Graves, Sen. Roy Blunt and Sen. Claire McCaskill:

The coalition website is packed with excellent, easy to understand information on this issue.

Thank you for joining me in the push back against these progressive activists,
Sally Weber

"I am concerned with a bunch of fanatics that want to dig up dangerous radioactive material from West Lake and transport it across our beautiful state. It is irresponsible to endanger Missourians, their families' health, our communities and outdoor recreation activities as well as tourism dollars, by trying to move a bunch of material already deemed safe and stable where it is, across the state."
-Marian E., Ellsinore - Supporter of the Coalition to Keep Us Safe

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