Friday, July 18, 2014

Wolves In Sheep's Clothing - 2014 Primary

August 5th is the Missouri primary election. We're starting to see more signs along the roads, more door to door campaigning and more politicians hitting the internet with campaign .com and Facebook pages.

For those of us who have made the claim that we're now a part of America's citizens who are awake and engaged we make it our priority to understand the issues that are going to be on our ballots and find out about the candidates running for elected positions:

I have recently had an experience with a candidate that I am going to share here, because in all honesty, I have tried to get answers to some very basic questions on publicly made claims and have gotten nowhere and this candidate is resorting to name calling to protect his unanswered position. 

I listened to Doc Thompsons, Morning Blaze program, 3/20/14 (1.06.25-1.13.00). They introduced a Missouri candidate, Brian Tharp, running for U.S. Congress, District 6. Caught my attention, never heard of him. I listened to the interview and my impression was 'not much experience.' Then the question was asked if he would support a balanced budget that does not include tax increases. Tharp said, “No, I don’t think that’s a good idea.”  That was the end of it for me, no longer interested.

A few weeks ago a Tea Party friend sent me an article posted in the St. Joseph News Press asking if I had ever heard of him. I mentioned the radio program and my impression. After I read the article some of the statements bothered me. Especially regarding the health care programs, stating he was a lobbyist in Jefferson City. So many of us worked hard and diligent on Proposition C that made it to the 2010 ballot, to which 80% of Missourians said no to Obamacare. The only way to find out if we had worked together was to ask the question to Mr. Tharp. I went to his Facebook campaign page to ask a few questions. 1) Where did you work on health care programs? He answered, "Missouri." 2) Were you involved in Proposition C? 3) Which years were you a lobbyist in Jefferson City? To the remaining questions he requested that I call him and we talk privately. This bothered me. Since his statements were published publicly, I'd like to hear the answers publicly, I know these are questions many of us in District 6 would have. He removed my questions and banned me from posting on his campaign site. He not only refused to publicly answer questions based on his statements but would also ban me off a campaign site for asking? All this did was make me want to know more about him

Mr. Tharp began campaigning on several Tea Party pages. The questions I posted to him were: 1) We're you involved with Prop C? 2) What years did you lobby in Jeff City? Now added 3) How did you vote in the 2010 election on Prop C?  I stated, "These are pretty simple questions about a very important issue to Missouri. Why would you delete and block me if you're running for a position to represent me?" He removed his posts from the sites, which in turn removed my questions. The administrator of the Conservative Party of Missouri page posted, "This is why we did not endorse Mr. Tharp for the 6th District." 

A tweet came across my Twitter feed from a Kansas Tea Party yesterday. It was a cordial conversation between @Kansas Tea and myself that started with these posts:

The remainder of the conversation:

RCT and I both included Mr. Tharp in this conversation. This would have been an excellent opportunity for him to come in, answer questions and resolve the mysteries he has created. This is how Mr. Tharp responded:

This is the one and only time Mr. Tharp contacted me, through Twitter:

I choose not to have a "private" conversation with anyone who can't hold an honest dialog with simple questions. (At least without the conversation being recorded.)

A little research, all very easily acquired via internet, turned up all I need to know about Mr. Tharp. And here is what I know for sure:

He's running on the Republican ticket against Sam Graves. 

Researching the claim to have lobbied for health care programs:
~ Mr. Tharp worked for the Mississippi Health Advocacy Program (whose focus is on community organizing and is currently pushing Obamacare in that state) through Sisters of Mercy Health System. 
~ According to the Missouri Ethics Commission, Mr. Tharp has never been a registered lobbyist in Missouri. 
~ According to the Atchison County records, Mr. Tharp only voted in 8 of the past 16 elections. Two of those skipped elections were 2003 - Term Limits, Amendment 3 and 2010 - Anti-Obamacare ballot measure Proposition C.

Mr. Tharp claims on Facebook that "he is Active in his Community and in the Tea-Party."
~ Mr. Tharp began getting publicly politically involved in April of this year. No Tea Party involvement prior to April and the only current connection I can find is extremely minor and limited. 

This ends the saga of the mystery candidate. Deleting my questions and blocking me won't make the questions go away, in fact it makes more questions arise. I have never been rude to Mr. Tharp, persistent maybe, but never rude. My persistence in asking isn't harassment, it's making sure that Missouri isn't represented by more of the same and that I am never again blindly led to the DC slaughter.

Never EVER be afraid to ask questions!

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  1. Check out my facebook page for additional info on the disaster we call Tharp for congress .Britt Harmon


      I wish I had your gift with words, Mr. Harmon. Excellent summaries!