Monday, August 4, 2014

August 5th - VOTE!

This is it. Missouri Primary Election is tomorrow. Please be an educated voter, it's your voice! Don't vote out of fear, vote out of knowledge and conviction. 

I posted a summary of all 5 Ballot Issues last week:

A few final thoughts:
Amendment 1: 
"The opposition to the amendment has done their job well, to spread confusion and discourse." Jace Weber. 
The best and most accurate summary I have received on Amendment 1 was posted by Rep. Paul Curtman, a man, a Statesman, that I highly respect. Arguments against this amendment are addressed as well. Please take a few minutes to read and then make your decision:!Why-Im-Voting-YES-on-Amendment-1-Right-to-Farm/c200n/1C140BB8-A73A-4903-A010-854F9F8B35B5

I've been contacted by several Macon County Patriots in the 3rd District (Adair, Putnam, Sullivan, Mercer counties) who have been engaged in past legislation, watchdogs for representative and senator votes and diligent in staying educated on the issues. I might add, not on Facebook, but on the front lines locally and in Jefferson City. I am posting this for those in the 3rd District. 

Dr. Bailey has posted the sources of all of the information. I like that in a candidate. There was a candidates forum recently, you'll find information from that and more on Dr. Bailey's FB page:

Nate Walker's page:

Last but not least, I posted about Wolves in Sheep's Clothing and I thought I'd follow up with the other candidates on the ballot. 

Kyle Reid,  this is all I know about him:
Excellent article.  I couldn't agree more with the headline, but this is all I know about him. Not enough to base an educated vote on. 

Christoper Ryan, I have never received one piece of literature or any information on him at all. I have no idea who he is.

Sam Graves (Incumbent)
I know there are a lot of people dissatisfied with Sam Graves, disappointed for some valid reasons. Here is what I know about Congressman Graves:

  • He has fought diligently against Obama’s policies, taxes & Obamacare (pro free market)
  • Fought federal Common Core regulations
  • ALWAYS stands up for our 2nd Amendment
  • Fights the EPA to protect farmers and businesses
  • Comes from rural Missouri, he is a farmer. He lives and understands the rural way of life.
  • Made sure numerous Veterans have received due recognition.
  • Has worked to help our Veterans get assistance from the VA. 

And, the number one reason I like Sam Graves: He makes the liberal progressives want to drive pencils thru their eyes on his Facebook posts!

Fools have no interest in understanding; they only want to air their own opinions. Proverbs 18:2
There are about 6-8 regular fools that latch on to his posts.

Comments are open to encourage questions and civil dialog. 
Please take the time to read, research the issues, stake out a position.   

Vote on August 5th!

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