Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Find Lynn Messer

The story: http://www.kfvs12.com/story/26094597/search-intensifies-to-find-missing-woman

Please follow the Find Lynn Messer Facebook page for updates and posts on how you can help:

If you click on the above picture, and then click to enlarge it you'll get a large enough format to print out the missing poster. Please print as many as you like and post them at your place of work, stores, restaurants and as many public places you can. 

And PLEASE keep the Messer family in your prayers, on your church prayer lists and prayer group chains! 

Pray for the safety and health of the many volunteers who are diligently committed to organizing and carrying out the ongoing search efforts. 

From Kerry Messer:
1. That the Lord keeps Lynn under the mighty shelter of His arm! (Note when God's Word speaks of His moving against His and our enemies that the Bible speaks of the power of God's finger - But when He cares for and protects those He loves, He uses His whole arm!) Please protect and comfort her as only You can!

2. That the Lord of all Comfort will help us receive His grace and the peace that passes all understanding - especially those closest to Lynn. Please focus prayers especially for Lynn's Mother, her loving sisters and their dedicated husbands (who are pouring their prayers and their lives into our desperate situation. And most of you already know of Lynn and my two sons and daughter-in-laws; but please hold up our seven (7) grandchildren, especially this weekend (which holds the keys to some very deep and lasting memories these children will carry for the rest of their lives!)

3. That everyone aware of the events of this week - from those closest to it all, to those who will only hear about it years from now - may see the grace of God in ways that each person can understand and grow from. All those from close family and friends to the complete strangers offering help - Lynn would do anything for you to understand that the answer to life's biggest challenges is Jesus Christ. Lynn is just as human and struggles with her own areas like anyone else, but she has consistently shared her faith in the Lord as the path to peace and ultimate victory!

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